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Faculty Departmental Awards Archive

Faculty Teaching Award

Year Recipient
2015-16 David Lagakos, Graduate Core Course
2015-16 Alexis Toda, Advanced Elective Course
2015-16 Joshua Graff Zivin, Advanced Elective Course
2015-16 Andres Santos, Honorable Mention for Advanced Elective Course
2014-15 Andres Santos, Graduate Core Course
2014-15 Simone Galperti, Graduate Core Course
2014-15 Julie Cullen, Advanced Elective Course
2014-15 Karthik Muralidharan, Advanced Elective Course
2014-15 Johannes Wieland, Undergraduate Teaching, Faculty
2014-15 Maxim Sinitsyn, Undergraduate Teaching, Lecturer
2014-15 Erin Wolcott, Undergraduate Teaching, Associate-In
2014-15 Richard Brady, Undergraduate Teaching, Associate-In
2013-14 Jim Hamilton, Graduate Core Course
2013-14 Yixiao Sun, Graduate Core Course
2013-14 Marc Muendler, Advanced Elective Course
2013-14 Andres Santos, Advanced Elective Course
2013-14 Simone Galperti, Honorable Mention for Advanced Elective Course
2013-14 Mark Machina, Undergraduate Teaching, Faculty
2013-14 Emily Tang, Undergraduate Teaching, Lecturer
2012-13 Jim Hamilton, Graduate Core Course
2012-13 Andres Santos, Graduate Core Course
2012-13 Nageeb Ali, Advanced Elective Course
2012-13 Julie Cullen, Advanced Elective Course
2012-13 Jeff Clemens, Honorable Mention for Advanced Elective Course
2012-13 Prashant Bharadwaj, Undergraduate Teaching, Faculty
2012-13 Skip Foster, Undergraduate Teaching, Lecturer
2012-13 Stephen Morris, Undergraduate Teaching, Associate-In
2011-12 Giacomo Rondina, Graduate Core Course
2011-12 Yixiao Sun, Graduate Core Course
2011-12 Gordon Hanson, Advanced Elective Course
2011-12 Andres Santos, Advanced Elective Course
2011-12 Mark Jacobsen, Third Year Paper/Presentation Course (Econ 285/296)
2011-12 Giacomo Rondina, Third Year Paper/Presentation Course (Econ 285/296)
2010-11 James Hamilton, Graduate Core Course
2010-11 Giacomo Rondina, Graduate Core Course
2010-11 S. Nageeb Ali, Advanced Elective Course
2010-11 Yixiao Sun, Advanced Elective Course
2010-11 Julie Cullen, Honorable Mention, Advanced Elective Course
2009-10 Davide Debortoli, Graduate Core Course
2009-10 Giacomo Rondina, Graduate Core Course
2009-10 Joel Sobel, Honorable Mention, Graduate Core Course
2009-10 Ivana Komunjer, Advanced Elective Course
2009-10 Craig McIntosh, Advanced Elective Course
2008-09 Andres Santos, Graduate Core Course
2008-09 Joel Sobel, Graduate Core Course
2008-09 S. Nageeb Ali, Advanced Elective Course
2008-09 Julie Cullen, Advanced Elective Course
2007-08 James Hamilton, Graduate Core Course
2007-08 Andres Santos, Graduate Core Course
2007-08 Craig McIntosh, Advanced Elective Course
2007-08 Halbert White, Advanced Elective Course
2006-07 James Hamilton, Graduate Core Course
2006-07 Mark Machina, Graduate Core Course
2006-07 Yixiao Sun, Advanced Elective Course
2006-07 Vincent Crawford, Advanced Elective Course
2006-07 Julie Cullen, Honorable Mention, Advanced Elective Course


University Awards

Year Recipient
2016 Melissa Famulari
Distinguished Teaching Award
for Academic Senate Members
2016 Grant Johnson
Distinguished Teaching Award
for Graduate Students
2016 Steven Levkoff
Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award
Earl Warren College
2015 Jim Hamilton
Chancellor's Associates Faculty Excellence Award
Research in Humanities and Social Sciences
2015 Melissa Famulari
Chancellor's Associates Faculty Excellence Award
Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
2008 Valerie Ramey
Chancellor's Associates Faculty Excellence Award
Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
2008 Jaime Thomas
  Barbara J. and Paul D. Saltman Excellent Teaching Award