Welcome Alumni

The Department of Economics has more than 12,000 alumni since our first graduate walked the podium in 1968 and we are working hard to forge a stronger network for past and future alumni of our world renowned programs.

Please use this page to access information on our blog to advertise jobs to recent graduates, read the alumni spotlight in our semiannual Economics in Action newsletter or read through information gathered from our alumni survey below.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us and be sure to check back soon for updates!

Alumni Spotlights

Jerry Fons: Alumni Spotlight Jerome Fons, Ph.D.: At the Front Line of the Financial Meltdown
There’s no denying that the financial crisis of the late 2000s affected everyone on some level; however, the impact of the crisis was quite different for Jerome “Jerry” Fons, who was on the front line of the 2008 financial meltdown. In mid-2007, Fons left Moody’s Investor Service right as things were starting to derail...view article
Victor Ng, Ph.D.: Economists Shape Alum's Interests and Career
While studying economics at UC San Diego, Victor Ng, Ph.D. ’89, had an unparalleled opportunity to work with two world-renowned professors: Michael Rothschild and Nobel laureate Robert Engle....view article
[Photo: Victor Ng]
Grace Chui-Miller: Ready to Compete in any Arena
Grace Chui-Miller likes to look beyond her boundaries and explore the variety of opportunities in her environment. Her mentor, the late Muir College provost and mathematics professor Patrick Ledden, had a love of public art and literature...view article
Ryan Sullivan: Solving Problems
Ryan Sullivan is a rare UC San Diego economics alumnus, earning both a bachelor’s degree and a Ph.D. from UC San Diego. As an undergraduate economics major, he acquired technical knowledge and skills. His pursuit of advanced degrees...view article
Brandon Freeman: High Energy Philanthropist
Brandon Freeman ’04 got his first computer when he was only five years old and has been captivated by technology ever since. So, it makes sense that he planned to major in electrical engineering, with a minor in economics....view article
Ken Kroner: Advancing and Giving Back to UCSD
Throughout his career as a global finance innovator, Ken Kroner, Ph.D., has been an academic at heart. His economic training at UC San Diego grounded him in the scientific method, and his research on forecasting asset returns...view article

Alumni Survey

We surveyed you about the strength of our alumni network, how to better serve you, your career and industry paths since graduating, and your overall opinion of our department, programs, and faculty.

Here are the Results:

Most of you are quite satisfied with the education you received and would like to hear from us more often!

  • 74% of you live in California and 56% live in Southern California
  • Alumni services is the most common requests from respondents
  • Finance and Statistics are the most useful courses and Operations Research is the least useful
  • Roughly half of you continued your education after UC San Diego
  • 52% rated your degree Very Important or Important to our current occupation
  • 35% of you earn more than $100,000 a year
  • You voted Prof. Machina the most significantly impactful faculty member
  • 54% of you graduated in the last 10 years
  • 71% believe your degree prepared you very well/well and only 8% thought it was not adequate preparation for continuing your education
  • 7% of you work in higher education and 22% work in financial services

Data was gathered using both closed and free response questions meant to survey the overall satisfaction and career paths of our graduates. Of the 6,500 alumni from our list-serve that were surveyed, roughly 700 responses were received for a 10.7% resoponse rate.