Cementing Clive Granger’s Legacy

By Katie Magallanes

Professor and Nobel laureate Sir Clive Granger made countless contributions to the Department of Economics over his decades of service and was a main contributor in establishing our department’s dominance in the field of econometrics.

Sir Clive W. J. Granger Endowed Chair in Econometrics

The Department of Economics is proud to announce the establishment of the Sir Clive W. J. Granger Endowed Chair in Econometrics. Each Granger Endowed Chair appointee will be a distinguished econometrics faculty member tasked with recruiting and retaining the finest young minds to ensure that Clive’s legacy continues. This endowment was made possible by the support of many donors, including UC San Diego alumni Kim ’87 and John Iorillo ’88, Jennifer and Ken Kroner ’88, and the W. P. Carey Foundation of New York (see the complete list of donors below).

Clive Granger Research Fellowships

In addition to the generous donations that funded the Granger Endowed Chair, the Department of Economics Graduate Program Committee will also honor Clive with the inaugural Clive Granger Research Fellowships to be awarded in fall 2010. Sir Clive was a pioneer, so these fellowships are designed to reward the pioneering spirit in outstanding graduate students pursuing the most compelling research in each of the following fields: econometrics, macroeconomics, microeconomic theory, trade and development economics, applied economics, and environmental economics. Recipients will be selected by faculty members supervising the Graduate Research Presentation Workshops (ECON 286), and decisions will be based both on students’ presentations in ECON 286 as well as the intrigue, dynamism, and groundbreaking aspects of their thesis research. Each recipient will be awarded a $3,000 research stipend in hopes of encouraging the best and brightest of our students to make more rapid progress in their research.

Sir Clive Granger (1934–2009)

[Photo: Sir Clive Granger]

Sir Clive Granger passed away on May 27, 2009. We hope these tributes underscore the fact that mere words cannot express the place he held in our hearts, or the intellectual contributions he made over his more than three decades at UC San Diego. We were greatly saddened by his passing, and we feel a deep gratitude to Sir Clive for his significant contributions to help build our department from its humble beginnings to one of the most stellar economics departments in the world.

Born in Swansea, Wales, in 1934, Clive received many awards and accolades. His early interest in mathematics pushed him to the University of Nottingham where he received both his B.A. (1955) and Ph.D. (1959) in statistics. After starting his academic career at his alma mater, Clive arrived at UC San Diego in 1974. Over the subsequent thirty-five years, he recruited faculty and continued his groundbreaking research in time series. His research on forecasting, causality, and cointegration revolutionized how academics in economics, statistics, biology, and engineering analyze data, and established more accurate methods for examining how variables change over time. In the 1980s, Clive worked closely with then UC San Diego Department of Economics professor Robert Engle, and in 2003 their research culminated in the highest honor granted to economists: the Nobel Prize. In 2005, Sir Clive Granger was inducted as Knight Bachelor by Queen Elizabeth II.

Colleagues, coauthors, and former graduate students of Clive gathered at the UC San Diego Ida and Cecil Green Faculty Club on July 31 in celebration of his life. Speakers—including fellow Nobel laureate Rob Engle, and Clive’s son, Mark Granger—painted a touching and humorous picture of a person whose intellect we all greatly respect and whose spirit touched all who worked with and knew him.

The department is grateful to Clive’s wife, Patricia Granger, for sharing memorabilia, helping to plan the celebration, her generosity to the department, and her strength, good cheer, and sense of humor. We encourage you to visit Clive’s memorial page for a summary of his life, contributions to the department and the world, remembrances from students and colleagues, and information on the Clive Granger Memorial Fund.

Donors Who Helped Create the Sir Clive W. J. Granger Endowed Chair

  • Jessica and Richard Attiyeh
  • Julian Betts
  • Richard Carson
  • Susan Charrette ’89
  • Xiaohong Chen ’93
  • Clara Chu ’84
  • Zoe and Vincent Crawford
  • Zhuanxin Ding ’94
  • Alvaro Escribano ’86
  • Carroll Foster ’80
  • Doc Ghose ’90
  • Michelle Glenn ’89
  • Kim ’87 and John Iorillo ’88
  • Jennifer and Ken Kroner ’88
  • Tae-Hwy Lee ’90
  • Stephanie ’97 and Craig Leupold ’85
  • Robert Leupold ’86
  • Jin-Lung Henry Lin ’91
  • Norman Morin ’97
  • Loan Nguyen ’84
  • Marianne Ramer ’83
  • Russ Robins ’82
  • David Selover ’91
  • Joel Sobel
  • Ross Starr
  • Norman Swanson ’94
  • Joel Watson ’88
  • Debbie and Mark Watson ’80
  • W. P. Carey Foundation
  • Alice Marie Young


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