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[What Wen Wrong and How Can We Fix It?]

A look at the economic crisis
By James D. Hamilton, Ph.D.
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This was no ordinary recession. Why did the economy get so badly off track? What needs to be done to return to solid growth?

Chair’s Corner

Welcome to the online version of Economics in Action. Join us for news about our department and about the field of economics.

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Meet the department’s newest faculty members.

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Department Awards

[Photo: Aislinn Bohren, Ben Backes, Jessica Lin and Nageeb Ali]

This year’s awards honor graduate students, undergrads, and faculty.

Graduate Student Recipients

Aislinn Bohren, Doungdao Mahakitsiri, Ben Backes, Charles Lin, Aren Megerdichian, Aaron Schroeder, Jaime Thomas, Bryan Tomlin, and Li Zhou

Undergraduate Student Recipients

Jessica Lin, Siqian (Yindsey) Wang, and David Incerti

Faculty Recipients

Nageeb Ali, Julie Cullen, Andres Santos, and Joel Sobel

Faculty in the Media

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[Photo: Ken Kroner]

Alumni Spotlight

Ken Kroner: Advancing Economics and Giving Back to UCSD

Economists’ Big Problem and Experimental Economics’ Solution

How EconLab is solving many of the puzzles that have long haunted economists.

[Photo: Wind turbines]

A Surprisingly Diverse Community and a Campus Secret

The Center for Environmental Economics promotes environmental economics research in the programs under its umbrella.

Inaugural Holder of Engle Endowed Chair Selected

After an intensive campaign for the Robert F. Engle Endowed Chair in Econometrics, we are happy to announce Professor Patrik Guggenberger as our inaugural holder.

[Photo: Sir Clive W. J. Granger]

Cementing Clive Granger’s Legacy

The Department of Economics is proud to announce the Sir Clive W. J. Granger Endowed Chair in Econometrics and the Clive Granger Research Fellowships.

Events Full Calendar

Department of Economics Alumni Reception at the 2010 ASSA Meetings in Atlanta, GA
Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google, speaks at the Economics Roundtable
Elisse Walter, SEC Commissioner, speaks at the Economics Roundtable
UC San Diego Alumni Weekend, June 4–6