The Economics Leadership Council and the Department Launch the Rising Leaders Internship Program

By the Department of Economics

The environment for the most sought-after business internships is highly competitive. To better prepare our undergraduates for the rigors of the internship selection process, the Economics Leadership Council (ELC) partnered with the Department of Economics to create the Rising Leaders Internship Program. Launched in summer 2011, the program aims to connect our top undergraduates with quality internships in private industry. After a rigorous selection process, the four undergraduates chosen for the inaugural class have begun working closely with ELC council members to prepare for the competitive selection process for prestigious internships. The students’ preparation includes personalized resume development, professional mentoring sessions with ELC council members and in-person mock interviews.

The Internships

Alumni and other ELC members have compiled a bank of internship opportunities for summer 2012 with global banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, consulting firms and corporations. Each of the selected students will be assisted in getting a placement in his or her area of interest. Selected candidates will receive letters of endorsement from the ELC, access to a bank of prequalified internship opportunities at prestigious firms and assistance in applying. In some instances, selected students may receive professional mentoring from alumni. Internships will be offered by companies throughout the U.S., with a high concentration in San Diego and New York. Some of these internships also serve as a recruitment process for permanent staff positions that start in summer 2013.

The Program

Rising Leaders was created with the hope of expanding our alumni network. Alumni have repeatedly requested assistance in expanding our network so that markets outside the San Diego region are more aware of the academic rigor that graduates from our department have faced as well as how our alumni can be great assets to the professional business market. Students were selected for the Rising Leaders Internship based upon their academic merit, professional work experience, faculty recommendations and a statement of career objectives they believe the ELC could help them achieve. We are lucky to have found such a strong group of candidates.

How Alumni Can Participate

We hope to expand the Rising Leaders Internship Program next year to include a few more students. If you work for a company that offers a rewarding internship program for undergraduate students and would like to get involved with the program, please contact the Department of Economics Undergraduate Student Affairs Office at for more information. If you would like to learn more about the ELC and are interesting in getting involved, contact Doug Kurtz at