Faculty Recruitment Information

The Department will be recruiting for Assistant Professors this fall.  Applications will be accepted beginning October 1st.  Please check back in a few weeks for more information.


Guidelines for Writing a Brief Diversity Statement

Because UC San Diego is committed to building a more diverse faculty, staff, and student body, it requires applicants to write a short statement on past experience or potential future ways in which the applicant can contribute to diversity. The Department of Economics wants to make absolutely clear that it is seeking top scholars in any field of economics. Some fields of economics may produce research that directly addresses diversity and equity issues. If your dissertation fits this category, you should write about it in a short diversity statement.

But we understand that many fields of economics have no direct relevance for diversity issues. You are strongly encouraged to apply regardless. If your research does not address diversity, then your diversity statement could briefly discuss either past experience or future ways that you could promote diversity and equity. For instance, there are many activities at UC San Diego that would serve such a purpose, such as including topics related to diversity in some of your classes, or advising student organizations. A particularly attractive opportunity is to mentor undergraduate research through the McNair Program, which focuses on high-achieving undergraduates who are first-generation college attendees or who come from underrepresented groups. See more information on the McNair Program. For additional information, see Faculty Candidate Information about Contributions to Diversity.