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Message from the Department

The department mourns the passing of one of our former colleagues, Ramu Ramanathan, at age 77. Ramu joined the department in 1967 as an assistant professor, and was perhaps our first promotion to tenure in 1972. He specialized in econometrics and in models of economic growth. His econometrics textbook was standard in our undergraduate program for many years. He published widely in top journals including AER and JPE. Ramu and our Nobel prize-winning econometricians, Rob Engle and Clive Granger, worked together on forecasting of electricity demand, and he published articles with them on both forecasting in general and the application to electricity demand in particular. Ramu retired in 1999, but continued to teach courses for us for a number of years thereafter.

In addition to his contributions to research and teaching, Ramu will be remembered for his exceptionally gentle and kind personality. He leaves behind a beautiful family, who have given us the obituary available on our page. The department is also preparing an In Memoriam page for our web site.


James E. Rauch
Professor and Chair
Department of Economics
UC San Diego