Graduate Courses in Economics

The Department of Economics offers over 50 graduate courses throughout the academic year including core courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics and elective courses in various fields. Information on our courses can be found in the corresponding pages on the left. Should you have additional questions not covered by the information contained or resources listed on this Web site, please e-mail us at econphdadvising@ucsd.edu.

Course Offerings for 2014-15

Last updated: August 14, 2014

If a professor is listed in the term, the course is currently scheduled to be offered in that term. Please note that these are subject to change.

    Fall 2014 Winter 2015 Spring 2015
205 Mathematics for Economists Komunjer/Sobel/Watson    
200ABC Microeconomics
(1st Year)
Machina/Chambers Starr/Watson Sobel/Galperti
210ABC Macroeconomics
(1st Year)
Lagakos Flavin Wieland
220ABC Econometrics (1st Year) Beare/Elliott Hamilton Santos
220DEF Econometrics (2nd Year)


Komunjer Carson
280 Computation   G. Ramey/White  
201 Advanced Microeconomics   Sobel
206 Decisions Chambers    
208 Games & Information      
211 Advanced Macroeconomics      
214 Applied Macroeconomics     V. Ramey
226 Bayesian and Numerical Methods   Hamilton
227 Nonparametric and Semi-parametric Methods   Sun  
230 Public Economics: Taxation     Gordon
231 Public Economics: Natl Govt Expenditures   Cullen  
232 Public Economics: Redistribution & Social Incurance Clemens    
241 Microeconomics of Development   Bharadwaj  
242 Macroeconomics of Development     Muralidharan
245 International Trade   Ramondo  
246 International Macroeconomics Baranga    
247 Empirical Topics: International Economics     Muendler
250 Labor Economics Antonovics/Berman/
Berman/Dahl Antonovics/Betts
263 Modeling Behavioral Economics Trevino    
264 Experimental Economics   Andreoni  
265 Alternative Choice Theory   Machina  
266 Economics of Natural Resources Jacobsen    
267 Topics in Environmental and Resource Economics     Zhang
270 Finance - Core Asset Pricing   Timmermann  
272 Finance - Intertemporal Models Toda    
281 Special Topics in Economics Flavin (Real Frictions and Financial Frictions)   G. Ramey (Theoretical Topics in Finance)
  3rd Year Research      
285 3rd Year Pre-Candidacy Presentation Toda/White   Beare/Gordon
286 Graduate Research Presentation




296 3rd Year Original Research Paper Toda/White   Beare/Gordon
202ABC Microeconomic Theory Chambers Trevino Sobel
212ABC Macroeconomics Flavin Wieland Ramey, V.
222ABC Econometrics Beare Elliott Santos
235ABC Applied Microeconomics Dahl Muralidharan Clemens
249ABC International/Development Muendler/IRPS Staff   Bharadwaj/IRPS Staff