Mauricio Romero

Fields of Research

Development and Public Economics (Primary), Environmental and Applied Econometrics

Research Interests

I work on public economics issues in developing country contexts. I enjoy observational studies using administrative data and conducting my own experiments and field work. Specific subfields of interest include education, health, and environmental economics. Within education, I am mainly interested in delivering public education efficiently. I have projects studying public-private partnerships, teacher incentive payments and extra educational resources. Within health, I am mainly interested in public health plans, including how they affect pharmaceutical prices and the gains from risk-adjusted payments. Within environmental, I am mainly interested in mining and regulation, including how mining affects public health and how regulations affect the prevalence of illegal mining. I also work on methodological issues in applied econometrics and statistics, including optimal answer-copying indices, cross-cut designs in RCTs, misapplication of instrumental variables, and approaches to replication.

Faculty Advisors

Prashant Bharadwaj and Karthik Muralidharan (Co-chairs)

Grad Profiles