Management Science Major (EN26), B.S.

To receive a bachelor of science degree in Management Science, no more than six upper-division courses taken externally from UC San Diego can be counted toward the major.

Focus of the major

  • Quantitative major in applied economics with a management focus.
  • Builds on a set of related quantitative methods for optimal allocation of scarce resources in private and public enterprises.
  • Covers some of the functional fields of business management; however, the degree is more focused on quantitative methods than a traditional business administration major.
  • Helps to prepare students for a MBA program.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply the formal methods used by statisticians to analyze data to learn about the real world
  • Use basic econometric methods to quantify uncertainty with confidence intervals; use regression to infer causal relationships; and use regressions for prediction
  • Critically interpret empirical studies
  • Set up, solve and analyze optimization models with more than one constraint
  • Apply optimization models to consumer, producer, and market theories
  • Use game theory to analyze the strategic behavior of individuals and firms
  • Determine the value of various financial assets and liabilities under uncertainty
  • Translate an economic problem into an appropriate mathematical model; describe solution techniques; and interpret the solutions to mathematical problems in economic terms


  • Major requirements checklist (PDF)

Four Year Plans

  • Freshmen entering FA07 and later (PDF)

Two Year Plans

  • Transfer students entering FA09 and later (PDF)