Concurrent Enrollment

The Undergraduate Student Services office maintains a sign-up sheet for Extension students registering through Concurrent Enrollment in undergraduate economics courses. These students may place their name on our list by following the instructions below. Add cards for concurrent enrollment are only provided by the Extension Student Affairs office.

Concurrent Enrollment Instructions

  1. The sign-up survey will open when the Schedule of Classes for that term posts.
  2. Click here to enter your name on the on-line sign-up survey (note that the Department uses SurveyMonkey for the list) .
    1. You will receive an email confirming your enrollment number and instructions for enrollment.  Please do not contact us regarding your number unless it has been more than three business days. 
    2. Those students adding to the survey after Thursday of the second week of classes should come to our office as detailed below (step #3); you may not receive an email with your enrollment number.
  3. Concurrent enrollment begins: 9:00 am on the first business day of third week of classes.
    1. Beginning at 9:00am in Sequoyah hall room 245, enrollment number 1 will be called.
    2. Numbers will be called in order, if you are not present when your number is called you will be placed at the end of the line.
    3. Extension cards will not be stamped earlier than 9:00 am.
    4. Students who do not bring their extension add cards will not be served; you must get an add card from the Extension Student Affairs office.
    5. Bring a photo ID for name verification.
    6. You must be present to register. You are not allowed to have your friends bring your cards in to be stamped.
    7. After all enrollment numbers are called, the office will continue to sign extension add cards on a first-come-first-serve basis during normal office hours until Friday of third week at 3:00 pm.
  4. Add cards will not be signed after 3:00 pm on Friday of third week

Please Note:

  • All courses that have a wait list at the end of the second week are permanently closed. Please be aware that even if a seat becomes available, if the course ended the second week with a wait list, this seat will not be given out.