Descriptions and Prerequisites

Please note that all prerequisites are enforced; concurrent enrollment in prerequisite courses is not allowed unless otherwise stated.

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Last updated: May 17, 2017



Course Title


Econ 102 Globalization
(see new prerequisites below)
Econ 138 Economics of Discrimination ECON 1 SP18

Econ 102:  Globalization: 
Presents theories of global economic integration, grounded in the principle of comparative advantage. Investigates patterns of trade when trade is balanced and capital flows when trade is not balanced. Assesses the consequences of global economic integration and economic policies for industry location, incomes, welfare and economic growth, and studies goods, services and sovereign debt markets. NEW PrerequisitesEcon 1 or Econ 100B AND Econ 2 or Econ 3 or Math 20C

Econ 138:  Economics of Discrimination: This course will investigate differences in economic outcomes on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation.  We will study economic theories of discrimination, empirical work testing those theories, and policies aimed at alleviating group-level differences in economic outcomes. Prerequisites:  Econ 1.  This course satisfies UCSD's DEI requirement.