Descriptions and Prerequisites

Please note that all prerequisites are enforced; concurrent enrollment in prerequisite courses is not allowed unless otherwise stated.

Course descriptions and prerequisites for Econ courses can be found in found the UC San Diego General Catalog. For information on new courses offered and changes to the current catalog, please see below.

Last updated: October 31, 2016



Course Title


Econ 164 The Indian Economy
(see course description below)
Econ 1 and Econ 3 WI17
Econ 182 Topics in Microeconomics: Topics in the Israeli Economy
(see course description below)
Econ 100C WI17 & SP17

Econ 164:
The Indian Economy:  Historical overview and perspective; political economy; democracy and development; economic growth; land, labor, and credit markets; poverty and inequality; health, education, and human development; technology and development; institutions and state capacity; contemporary policy issues and debates.

Econ 182*: Topics in Microeconomics: Topics in the Israeli Economy: This course explores economic processes which shape the Israeli economy. Topics include: biblical economics, economics of religion, economic growth, income inequality and consumer protests, employment, globalization, inflation, the high-tech sector, terrorism, and education. 
Prerequisites: ECON 100C (may be taken concurrently). *This course will count as an Advanced Elective for Economics majors only (regular elective for our other majors).