Graduate School

  • Entrance Exams: graduate programs typically require students to take a certain standardized test for admission. Students should research what is on the tests, and think about coursework that might assist in those areas.
    • M.A. and Ph.D. Programs generally require the GRE
    • M.B.A. Programs generally require the GMAT
    • J.D. Programs generally require the LSAT
    • M.D. Programs generally require the MCAT
  • Letters of Recommendation

    Letters of recommendation contain detailed information about the student who is the subject of the letter. This personal information may include such information as scores on specific exams, grades and in other class performances, grades earned from other faculty in the department, upper division GPA in the major, grades in related departments (such as Math, Computer Science, and Accounting), and standardized test scores, among other things.

    If you would like a letter of recommendation from an instructor in the Economics Department, please e-mail the faculty and lecturers a link to this web page and the following statement: “I consent to the release of personal and educational information about me in the letter of recommendation that I have requested from you. This authorization shall remain valid unless and until it is rescinded in writing.”