The Internship-related Independent Study (IRIS) pilot program offered through the Department of Economics will provide you with an opportunity to apply your economic insight and more deeply understand basic economic concepts through a practical internship experience. The program will:

  • enrich economics training 
  • improve your writing skills for a professional setting
  • enhance your professional experience while in school
  • help you build a network with peers and potential employers 

Through IRIS, you work with a Graduate Student Mentor and under the advice of a designated faculty member to draft and write an academic paper that extends economic concepts to a substantive piece of research. The topic can be any issue of economic interest, related to the sector of the internship company or organization or your occupation.

Enrollment for Summer 2018 is facilitated through the Academic Internship Program. You will earn 4 units of Pass/No Pass credit via enrollment in AIP 197 or 2 units of Pass/No Pass credit via enrollment in AIP 197T.


 Requirements  Eligibility
•Secure an internship related to economics, finance, management, mathematics, accounting, or marketing
•Enroll in AIP 197 or AIP 197T (4 units or 2 units, respectively. Pass/No Pass)
•Intern over Summer
•Develop and write a related academic paper under the guidance of an Economics Graduate Student Mentor and faculty member
•Economics, Management Science, Economics/Mathematics or Mathematics/Economics major
•90 units completed
•Minimum 2.5 UC GPA
•International students are eligible.


Enrollment Checklist

  1. Secure an Internship. Ensure your opportunity meets AIP’s Internship Criteria by submitting a Student Developed Internship Form via AIP’s website. If you found an internship in AIP’s Internlink database, this step is not required.
  2. Create an AIP Learning Agreement in InternLink at Indicate Professor Marc-Andreas Muendler as your Faculty Advisor. Once completed, print it and obtain your internship site supervisor’s signature.
  3. Contact Professor Marc Muendler to request his signature on your Learning Agreement.

Email:; Phone: (858) 534-4799

Office Hours: Thursdays, 11:15 a.m.- 12:15 p.m. (except 6/7) in Economics Building, Rm. 312

  • CPT: International students requiring Curricular Practical Training please indicate to Prof. Muendler.
  1. Submit your signed AIP Learning Agreement to the Academic Internship Program by June 22 for preauthorization.
    • If requesting CPT, submit the AIP Learning Agreement and CPT Request form to the ISPO office. You may submit the CPT Request Form without signatures, as these signatures are on the Learning Agreement.

Enroll in the appropriate course. View for more information about UCSD summer session, and chek  for deadlines.