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Your Facilities Management Coordinator

Sue King
Sequoyah Hall, Rm. 256
Phone: 858-534-1056
Fax: 858-822-2657

Departmental Lab Access

Graduate Computer Lab
Economics Building, Rm. 200

Experimental Lab
Economics Building, Rm. 204

Professor Jim Andreoni

Additional Resources

Facilities Management

Cleaning Services
Parking & Transportation
Blink: Facilities

Key Issuance

All faculty members are issued one key for their own office and one that opens the following common areas:

  • Economics Building, Rm. 106 (Visiting Scholar Room)
  • Economics Building, Rm. 200 (Robert Engle Seminar Room)
  • Economics Building, Rm. 207 (Supplies/Mailroom/Kitchen)
  • Economics Building, Rm. 222 (Printer/Visitor Office)
  • Economics Building, Rm. 300 (Clive Granger Seminar Room)
  • Economics Building, Rm. 304A (Computer Lab/Photocopier)
  • Sequoyah Hall, Rm. 213 (Graduate Student lounge)
  • Sequoyah Hall, Rm. 231 (Seminar Room)
  • Sequoyah Hall, Rm. 244 (Walter P. Heller Seminar Room)

Locked Classroom

  • During weekday working hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.): call Facilities at 858-534-2930
  • After weekday working hours: call campus Police at 858-534-HELP
  • On weekends (until 2:00 p.m.): call Facilities Special Events lines at 858-967-4709 or 858-967-5030
  • On weekends (after 2:00 p.m.): call campus Police at 858-534-HELP

Lost / Stolen / Broken Keys 

If you have locked yourself out of your office, lost your keys, or have left your keys at home, please contact Natalie Wolfe. If you find your old keys, please turn them in to your Facilities Management Coordinator for re-use.

If you require immediate assistance after normal working hours, call the non-emergency line for the UC San Diego Police.

Repair Requests

Contact your Facilities Management Coordinator for any facilities-related repair issues.

If you are on campus outside of normal working hours and you need immediate assistance, contact Facilities Management.