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General Admin Assistance

Find information on how to handle/request/get assistance on general administrative items below. If you can't find what you need, please contact Amanda Brainerd.


Borrow a department laptop: Contact Andrew Duhoux and let him know if you require special software (ex. Stata, Matlab). Laptop checkouts should be for short-term use, and software availability is not guaranteed.

Buying a computer: Recharge at the bookstore or on Marketplace; or charge on Express Card/be reimbursed for out of pocket expense with justification (ex. same machine is less expensive outside of the bookstore, available immediately, etc.). In all cases, send receipt and equipment for business use form to Amanda Brainerd in SH 255.

Computing Support: for desktop assistance, advice on equipment, etc., email Social Science Computing Facility (SSCF) at

Course Software and Websites

Economics Building Computer Lab (for Graduate Courses Only): view a complete list of software installed in the lab.

Software Supportcomplete a Course Information (CINFO) form to request software support for a course.

Course Web Pages: faculty are encouraged to use Ted, a Web course tool and online course management system designed to complement a classroom-based course.

Copying and Scanning

Low Volume Copies

Use the multi-function machine in ECON 207 for low quantity copies.

High Volume Copies

Department Copy Machine: located in the Econ 3rd Floor computer lab. Copies should be for instructional use (ex. exams, syllabi, course handouts). Supplies are monitored periodically by Business Office student workers, but please alert Amanda Brainerd if supplies are low or if the machine is not functioning properly.

Imprints: send jobs to Imprints for pick-up or delivery via PrintConnection 


Both the ECON 207 and 3rd Floor Computer Lab machines scan to email using the on-screen menu

Express Card

To Apply: contact Amanda Brainerd to initiate new Express Cards

Buy unrestricted items using Express Card at most off-campus vendors accepting Visa for purchases up to $4999.

  • Restricted items include: alcohol, copies, food, flowers, gifts, consultant services, and more. If you are unsure please ask Amanda or Natalie.
  • For computer purchases (machines only, not peripherals), see "Computers" section above.

For all purchases, send itemized receipts to Amanda Brainerd and include your name, index to be charged, and business purpose if it is not immediately clear.


The departmental fax machine is in the Economics Building, Rm. 207, and the fax number is 858-534-7040. To send a fax internationally, you need a UC San Diego Long Distance Dialing I.D. Card with a seven-digit I.D. number unique to your index number. Please contact Natalie Wolfe if you need a new or replacement card.

How to Send a Fax

Watch a How-To Video

1. Place documents face up in feeder
2. Dial destination on the key pad

  • Inter-campus number: dial last five digits of fax number
  • Off-campus Domestic: dial 8 + area code + seven-digit number
  • 800 (or other toll free number: dial 8 + 800 (or other) + seven digit number
  • Off-campus International:
  1. Dial *6*
  2. Dial your personal ID number (on front of card)
  3. Dial #16
  4. Dial country code + city code + local number
  5. Example: *6* + ID no. + #16 + country code + city code + local no.
  • Calling Card: use as you would on a regular phone
  1. Press START Black
  2. Wait for the confirmation page to be printed.

Office Supplies

Find office supplies such as pens, pencils, whiteboard markers, chalk, etc. in ECON 207 (upper cabinets).

You may also purchase supplies by recharge at the Bookstore or Marketplace, with your Express Card, or request reimbursement on your department funds. In all cases, send receipts to Amanda Brainerd with your name and index to be charged.

Personal Website

  1. Contact SSCF Help to set up a user account for your personal website.
  2. Download templates and instructions for personal website.
  3. If you do not have .html editing software or an FTP client please download the free FileZilla FTP client.
  4. Open the Instructions PDF (within the templates download from step 2). Follow step by step instructions for modifying your templates for use with FileZilla. If you have .html editing software, open the templates with that software.
  5. Contact if you need assistance.


Shared department printers are located in ECON 106 and 207. Email SSCF to be connected to these printers.

Shared printers are monitored periodically by Business Office student workers, but please alert Amanda Brainerd if supplies are low or for non-technical issues. Contact SSCF for technical issues (ex. your computer can't find the printer).

Personal printers: you may purchase personal printers and supplies using your department funds. The department does not provide supplies (ink/paper) for personal printers.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a unique userid and password that authenticates identity and access rights and allows entry to a set of campus business systems/features including At Your Service (benefits), MyFunds (financial reports), Marketplace (purchasing), and TritonLink (student & course data).

New or Re-hired Employeesself-register for an account.

Current Employees: change your password or contact Natalie Wolfe if your account isn't working


Available FOR FREE from SSCF:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Matlab
  • Windows OS upgrades to the Professional or Enterprise versions (e.g. Windows 8)

Email SSCF to request install on any University-owned computer

Other software:


On-campus numbers: dial last 5 digits of number only (ex. 534-1234)

Off-Campus Domestic: dial 8 before number, include area code

Off-Campus International: dial per your long distance ID code instructions. Contact Natalie Wolfe if you need a code.


Existing Equipment: If your office phone is broken, you want a new one, etc., please report issue to Note that there are charges associated with campus phone service that will be charged to your index (for equipment rental/additions). Repair work is covered for free by campus.

New Equipment: If you want to install an office phone please contact Natalie Wolfe. Note that there are installation charges (currently ~$150), and monthly service and equipment rental charges (currently ~$5/mo). These can be charged to your research, startup, or retention funds.