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Seminar Coordination

Your Staff Seminar Coordinator

Amanda Brainerd
Sequoyah Hall, Rm. 255
Phone: 858-534-2299
Fax: 858-822-2657

UC San Diego
Guidelines & Information

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Reserved Parking

Seminar Information
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Faculty Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Invite potential speakers, confirm participation and finalize date(s) of seminar(s)
  • Complete Seminar Speaker Scheduling form and submit to Seminar Coordinator at least one month prior to start of the quarter
  • Arrange transportation from the airport; email Seminar Coordinator with mode of airport transfer (to be included in speaker's arrival information email)
  • Create schedule for speaker's visit, including hosted lunch
  • Arrange transportation to/from hotel and campus
  • Arrange dinner for the night of the seminar
  • Arrange transportation to the airport upon departure
  • Alert Seminar Coordinator to changes/cancellations as soon as possible
  • Facilitate communication with the speaker in the event that they are unresponsive to the Seminar Coordinator

Seminar Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Send Speaker Registration Form to confirmed speakers
  • Arrange hotel and parking as requested by speaker and in accordance with faculty coordinator funding allowances (from Speaker Scheduling Form)
  • Set up UCSD Travel accounts and Trips, including pre-paying hotel when possible
  • Alert Faculty Coordinator and request assistance if speaker cannot be reached by Seminar Coordinator
  • Send arrival information email to speakers, cc'ing respective faculty coordinator(s)
  • Process reimbursement requests


  • View a list of estimated typical expenses or use the Seminar Budget Calculator
  • Keep in mind that costs estimated on the list/calculator are high end estimates; actual costs will vary based on factors such as advance booking, method of transportation, meal choice, etc.
  • Non-UCSD local speakers (location of origin is San Diego or immediate vicinity) can only be reimbursed for mileage, parking and meals on the day of the seminar. UCSD speakers (including UCSD visiting scholars and regardless of department) are not eligible for any reimbursement. Please be sure to indicate UCSD affiliation on Seminar Speaker Scheduling form.
  • Split Funding: If the speaker's visit is on a shared trip, UCSD Economics will cover all costs solely related to the seminar and split other costs in fair proportion with the other aspects of the trip. Please indicate multi-stop in the Notes section of the Seminar Speaker Scheduling form.
  • Reimbursement of expenses involving a spouse/partner of a guest or faculty member are considered exceptional entertainment and are only possible with a written explanation regarding the business purpose and the approval of the Vice Chancellor or his designee. 

Day of Visit Logistics

Lunch: the Faculty Club card is kept in the Seminar Coordinator's office (Sequoyah 255) and can be checked out on the day of the seminar, before noon.

  • Prompt return of the card and receipt is appreciated! Be sure to list attendees on the receipt.
  • Return the card and receipt to the Seminar Coordinator's office or mailbox.

Visitor Office: seminar coordinator will prep the visitor office as needed for scheduled speakers.

  • Located in Economics Building, Rm. 222
  • Because of the high-volume of visitors to our department, the Visitor Office is guaranteed for use on the day of the speaker's seminar only