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Find information about various common tech needs below.

If you can't find your answer here, the Social Sciences Computing Facility (SSCF) is the IT group for all departments in the Division of Social Sciences. Email them for assistance on tech items not listed below.

Batch Compute Cluster-SSRDE

SSCF operates a batch compute cluster which is available to all division affiliates. Faculty, staff, and graduate students are provisioned with access automatically. Undergraduates (for example research assistants) can be provisioned upon request by a faculty member.

Find information here:

Borrow a Laptop

Contact Tracy and let her know if you require special software (ex. Stata, Matlab). Laptop checkouts should be for short-term use, and software availability is not guaranteed.

Cloud Storage for Research

For faculty whose primary affiliation is with a department in the Division of Social Sciences, SSCF provides 5tb of free storage (accessible via nfs or smb/cifs) and 30 days of backups.

This may be a useful (and free!) alternative to Dropbox, Google Team Drive, and OneDrive.

There are also options for storage beyond 5tb and minimal cost.

Find information here:

Computer Support (Primary Business Devices)

Purchase a new device at the bookstore or on Marketplace; or charge on Express Card/be reimbursed for out of pocket expense with justification (ex. same machine is less expensive outside of the bookstore, available immediately, etc.). In all cases, send receipt and equipment for business use form to Amanda Brainerd in SH 255. SSCF can provide advice on devices.

Register devices with SSCF to access the department network and campus internet. Email or call 858-822-2423.

Desktop Support is provided by SSCF. Email them for assistance.

Course Support

Economics Building, Rm. 200 Lab (for Graduate Courses Only): view a complete list of software installed in the lab.

Software Support: complete a Course Information (CINFO) form to request software support for a course.

Course Web Pages: as of March 2017, all standard UC San Diego courses will automatically have a TritonEd site at the start of each quarter. Instructors will be notified via email. By default, all TritonEd sites:

  • Are hidden from students until the instructor has made the site available
  • Do not add students to their courses until the Thursday before classes begin

Personal Websites

  1. Contact SSCF to set up a user account for your personal website.
  2. Download templates and instructions for personal website.
  3. If you do not have .html editing software or an FTP client please download the free WinSCP FTP client.
  4. Open the Instructions PDF (within the templates download from step 2). Follow step by step instructions for modifying your templates. If you have .html editing software, open the templates with that software.
  5. Contact if you need assistance with the templates.


Free for use on business devices (contact SSCF for installation):

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Matlab
  • Window OS upgrades to Professional or Enterprise
  • Crashplan
  • Google Suite for Education

Free for instructional use (contact Diana Platero-Lopez for access):

  • STATA SE15

Contact SSCF for assistance with other software needs.