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Role Specific Coordinator Addresses

Conferences / Events

Department Chair


Receipts & Reimbursement

Room Reservations

Seminars & Recruitment

Visiting Scholars


Department Administration

Graham Elliott, Chair

Prashant Bharadwaj, Vice Chair of Graduate Studies

Melissa Famulari, Vice Chair of Undergraduate Studies

Giacomo Rondina, Director of Instruction

Sue King, Chief Administrative Officer

Business Affairs

Natalie Wolfe, Fiscal / Human Resources Manager / DSA

Tracy Liu, Academic Personnel / Executive Asst. to the Chair

Smita Wankhede, Academic Personnel Asst.

Amanda BrainerdAdministrative / Fiscal Coordinator

Student Affairs

Diana Platero-Lopez, Director of Student Affairs

Jennifer Beauchamp, Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer

Kelly Escobedo, Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer

Brittany Thompson, Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer

Tania HererraUndergraduate Student Affairs Officer

Danny Romero, Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer

Cathy Pugh, Graduate Student Affairs Officer

Jackie Tam, Graduate Student Affairs Officer

Organizational Chart