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Valerie Ramey

Valerie Ramey Named One of the 16 Powerhouse Female Economists by Worth Magazine

The accolades keep coming for UC San Diego Department of Economics Professor Valerie Ramey. Inducted as a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2017, then being named as a Fellow of the Econometric Society last year, Valerie has this year been named as one of the 16 Powerhouse Female Economists by Worth magazine. In their list she takes her place alongside former Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen and IMF managing director Christine Lagarde.

Valerie deserves the honor – her illustrious career includes being on the NBER Business Cycle dating committee which provides the official last word on when the US is in recession or not and she has been an editor or associate editor of just about all the leading journals in Economics including being co-editor of the American Economic Review. And throughout has made numerous contributions to our understanding of macroeconomics, particularly productivity and its effects, published in the leading journals. She is not just one of the professions' most outstanding female economists, but one of the professions' most outstanding economists.

Valerie joined UC San Diego directly after completing her doctoral degree at Stanford university in 1987, spending her whole career as a professor here. Along the way, in addition to her many publications, she has been the Chair of the Department of Economics, won many grants to support her research and graduate students here at UC San Diego, and won the Chancellors’ Associates Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. You can learn a little more about Valerie from an interview she provided when she became a member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, see here.