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Advancement to Candidacy (CPHIL Degree)

To attain candidacy, the student must complete an oral examination covering the topic of the proposed thesis before the members of their doctoral committee. The prerequisites for applying for the candidacy exam are:

  • Pass the qualifying examinations (microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics)
  • Complete a computation course (ECON 280)
  • Complete advanced econometrics courses (ECON 220D-F)
  • Complete an empirical project (as part of ECON 220F)
  • Complete the elective requirements
  • Complete a third-year original paper and presentation (ECON 285/296)
  • Complete graduate research presentation workshop (ECON 286)

It is expected that students will advance to candidacy before the start of the fourth year.

Papers should be submitted to the committee for review at least four weeks before the CPHIL examination date. Students must notify the Department Graduate Coordinator of their doctoral committee members at least one month before the CPHIL in order for the Doctoral Committee Appointment form to be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies for approval.

The University reduces tuition by 100% for non-residents who submit completed paperwork to OGS by the first day of instruction.