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Contract & Grant Funding

Proposals need to be submitted to the Department's Fiscal Manager at least one month prior to the agency's submission deadline. Email your Fiscal Manager with the following:

  1. Project title
  2. Project start & end dates
  3. Funding agency & contact person
  4. Web link to agency's Request for Proposals
  5. Human subjects protocol number (if applicable)
  6. Budget estimates: supplies, equipment, and travel

What happens next?

The Fiscal Manager will submit the basic proposal documents to the campus Office of Contract & Grant Administration (OCGA) or Office of Graduate Division, depending on the proposal type. See the Fiscal Manager for specific details on your proposal. OCGA/Graduate Division will then submit the proposal to the agency, negotiate terms with the agency if necessary, and accept awards on behalf of the campus.

Please do not submit your proposal directly to any agency.