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Contract and Grant Support

Find details about support for contracts and grants below. If you can't find what you need, please reach out directly to the Econ Financial Manager for assistance with your particular case.


DO NOT SIGN any contracts you may be given if related to work/research as a UCSD affiliate.

The main reason is that doing so will put the full liability on you as an individual. Contracts should be routed for an approved institutional signature so that our professional buyers and contract analysts may review for institutional requirements as well as flag anything you as a researcher should be particularly mindful of.

Send contracts by email to the Econ Financial Manager with as much lead time as possible. Institutional signatures can take between 2-4 weeks to obtain. 


Required Training (pre-submission)

Effective 2009, UCSD IRBs now require completion of the appropriate CITI training module regarding the protection of human subjects in research. Certification of completion is required to submit a project application. 

Register under the UCSD institutional umbrella to gain free access to the training module.

  1. Visit:
  2. Under "Select your Organization Affiliation", search for "University of California, San Diego"
  3. Review/agree to the terms and confirm your affiliation. You are an affiliate if you are a current, registered, student, staff, or faculty member.
  4. Follow the prompts to create your own login under the UCSD master account.
  5. Use these credentials to access the CITI training modules

Submission Instructions

Social and Behavioral Science (SBS) Project Applications

Exempt Status Study

All Other Actions

Please check in with your faculty advisor for assistance with the application/project design.

For submission, obtain your faculty advisor's signature, then forward application packet to the Econ Financial Manager. The Financial Manager will obtain Chair approval and return the signed forms to you to submit to UCSD HRPP.

Note that the faculty advisor/supervising faculty member must be an eligible UCSD PI.


  • Exempt Studies: 1-2 weeks
  • Full Review: 6-8 weeks

Check the IRB Meeting Dates list here.

Is it a grant?

If it is unclear whether the application should be routed as a grant, check if it meets the following criteria:

  1. Merit Based – in response to a competitive application/announcement
  2. Awarded to a Specific Individual – the award follows the individual should they leave the University
  3. Mentored – awardee is not an independent investigator and will be guided/hosted by a UC San Diego faculty member in their lab (note that UCSD does not allow graduate students to serve as PI's; they must have a faculty supervisor, so this is true for grads by default)
  4. Intended to enhance an individual’s potential to develop into an independent researcher/scholar

If the opportunity meets all four of above criteria, or otherwise states that it requires Institutional oversight, follow the grant proposal instructions below. If none of these criteria apply, you may proceed without institutional review.

Some agencies/opportunities will pay graduate students directly; this is not administered by the University thus does not need to be submitted through UCSD.

For opportunities that only pay Tuition and Fees and must be invoiced as 3rd Party Payments, please work with the Director of Student Affairs.

If you are unsure, send the opportunity information to the Econ Financial Manager for determination.


NSF has two types of awards open to graduate students:

Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)

Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant (DDRIG)

Students applying to the GRFP will apply directly to NSF. You will also want to review Grad Division's guidance on the GRFP.

Students applying for a DDRIG should follow Grant Proposal Instructions below.

Grant Proposal Instructions


  • At least 3 calendar weeks (14 business days) prior to proposal due date: You must notify the department financial manager of intent to submit a proposal. See below for what to include. 
  • At least 1 calendar week (5 business days) prior to proposal due date: All proposal components aside from the project description/research plan must be finalized and shared with OCGA. The package must also include a draft of the research plan.
  • At least 2 business days prior to the proposal due date: The final draft of the research plan must be shared with OCGA.
  • 8a.m. PST on the due date: A final version of the research plan may be provided. This ability was added in an effort to give PI’s as much time as possible to make edits to the research portion. However, you should know that if you elect to submit a final version at this stage, it may not have any effect on the rest of the components including budget, personnel, etc., and it will not be reviewed.

Include the following information with your notification:

  1. Project title
  2. Project start & end dates
  3. Funding agency & contact person, or link to opportunity
  4. Name of Faculty Advisor (and dept if not Econ, must be UCSD eligible PI)
  5. Human subjects protocol number (if applicable)
  6. Budget items requested
    1. GSRs: # of months and % time
    2. Supplies, equipment, and travel (include names of conferences when known)
    3. Human Subjects funding: include chart showing number of rounds, expected participants per round, average payout per participant, etc., adding up to the total requested value