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*Unless otherwise noted, academic appointments are tenure track.
  • Alyssa Brown

    Alyssa Brown

    Title: Economist 

    Employer: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

    Field of Research: Public Finance; Labor Economics


  • Yuchang Chen

    Yuchang Chen

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Employer: National Taiwan University (Economics)

    Field of Research: Econometrics

  • Anastasiia Faikina

    Anastasiia Faikina

    Title: Economist

    Employer: Convoy

    Field of Research:  Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics, Political Economy

  • Paul Feldman

    Paul Feldman

    Title: Assistant Professor (Department of Agricultural Economics)

    Employer: Texas A&M University

    Field of Research: Behavioral Economics; Microeconomics

  • Zhiyun Jiang

    Title: Associate

    Employer: JP Morgan Chase and Company

    Field of Research:  Environmental and Natural Resource Economics; Urban and Regional Economics


  • Arushi Kaushik

    Arushi Kaushik

    Title: Economist

    Employer: Amazon

    Field of Research: Development Economics and Public Economics; Labor Economics


  • Arman Khachiyan

    Arman Khachiyan

    Title: Assistant Professor (Economics)

    Employer: University of San Francisco

    Field of Research: Labor; Urban, Spatial, Environmental


  • Youngju Lee

    Youngju Lee

    Title: Causal Inference Applied Scientist


    Field of Research: Public Economics, Labor Economics; Environmental Economics, Applied Microeconomics


  • Aleksandr (Sasha) Levkun

    Aleksandr (Sasha) Levkun

    Title: CERGE-EI Postdoctoral Associate

    Employer: CERGE-EI

    Field of Research: Microeconomic Theory, Information Economics; Political Economy


  • Jacob Orchard

    Jacob Orchard

    Title: Economist

    Employer: Federal Reserve Board of Governors

    Field of Research: Macroeconomics


  • Jackson Somers

    Jackson Somers

    Title: Assistant Professor (Agriculture and Resource Economics)

    Employer: University of Connecticut, Storrs

    Field of Research: Environmental Economics; Behavioral Economics


  • Pietro Emilio Spini

    Pietro Emilio Spini

    Title: Assistant Professor (Economics)

    Employer: University of Bristol

    Field of Research:  Econometrics; Public Economics


  • Mitchell VanVuren

    Mitchell VanVuren

    Title: Postdoctoral Associate (Y-RISE at the MacMillan Center)

    Employer: Yale University

    Field of Research: Macroeconomics, Growth and Development, Healthcare; Computation


  • Davide Viviano

    Davide Viviano

    Title: Assistant Professor (Economics)/Postdoctoral Associate

    Employer: Harvard University/Stanford University (2022-2023)

    Field of Research: Econometrics; Development Economics


  • Jianan Yang

    Jianan Yang

    Title: Assistant Professor (Institute of Global Health)/Postdoctoral Associate

    Employer: Peking University/Stanford Freeman Spogli Institute (2022-2023)

    Field of Research: Development Economics; Health Economics


  • Linyan Zhu

    Linyan Zhu

    Title: Assistant Professor (Finance)

    Employer: London School of Economics

    Field of Research: Macroeconomics; Finance