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 How to Access the Intermediate Microeconomics Video Handbook (IMVH)

Access for Instructors at all UC Campuses

Instructors can add a secure link to the IMVH in course sites hosted by their campus' official learning management systems. For support and further instructions, instructors are welcome to email Please include the name of the instructor and course number in your request.

Access for UC San Diego Students

If the IMVH is not already added to the class Canvas page, please ask your instructor to add the link or e-mail

Access for UC Students not at UC San Diego

You can ask your instructor to add the IMVH to the class web page.

Alternatively, you can enroll in the perpetual IMVH "course" managed by the UC Office of the President which will give you access to the IMVH for as long as you are a UC student.

How to enroll:

  1. Click here to access the enrollment page
  2. Select your campus from the drop-down list.
  3. Read the instructions and click the blue "Enroll" button
  4. Accept the Enrollment Agreement. (This is only a formality. There are no prerequisites for the IMVH)
  5. Select either of the options for Grade Preference. (This is only a formality. The choice is meaningless for the IMVH because the IMVH is not graded)
  6. Enrollment is complete. The system will now create your user account to access the IMVH. Note that it may take up to 12 hours before your account is "live" and ready to log in.

How to access the IMVH after enrollment:

  1. After you enroll, you will need to wait 12 hours to access the IMVH. If you attempt to log in before 12 hours has elapsed, you will receive an error message.
  2. You will receive an email with your enrollment confirmation. The link to the IMVH is in your confirmation email. You can also click here to access the IMVH.
  3. Click here  to log into the IMVH as "UC Campus Student and Faculty"
  4. Log in using your official UC campus username and password (the credentials that you use to access the accounts at your UC campus).
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to "Load UC San Diego's Intermediate Microeconomics Video Handbook." Note: The IMVH page opens in a new window. You may have to accept pop-ups in your browser in order for the IMVH to load.

You can now navigate through the IMVH site to review topics and watch the videos.


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