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Intermediate Microeconomics Video Handbook

The Intermediate Microeconomics Video Handbook (IMVH) is a comprehensive set of course materials that can be utilized in a variety of ways by instructors and students in intermediate microeconomics courses and numerous undergraduate electives. The IMVH includes over two hundred short, semi-independent video lectures covering all of the essential topics in intermediate microeconomics. It is free for use across all UC campuses. Read how to Access the IMVH.

For Students

Students can easily locate and watch individual lectures on specific topics by using the drop-down index which provides direct links to the videos.  Students can also view whole sections of the handbook by going through lectures in sequence using the drop-down table of contents which also provides direct links to the videos.  Videos are closed captioned and text-searchable.

The handbook provides a comprehensive treatment of intermediate micro for both calculus and non-calculus-based courses. Each topic is presented without calculus in a video segment, with the calculus material covered in separate video segments.

The IMVH incorporates a variety of engaging presentation formats, most prominently the Learning Glass technology.

[ IMVH Faculty ]

[ IMVH Faculty ]

For Instructors

Instructors have used the video handbook as a supplemental resource for their intermediate microeconomics classes and for their advanced microeconomics elective classes.  Instructors have also used the video handbook to “flip” their classroom, where students are required to watch videos before lecture and the instructor uses classroom time to solve problems.

The IMVH can be used in conjunction with any textbook or in place of a textbook. It comes with a set of exercises and solutions.

Please view our sample video for representative clips of the instructors’ presentations.  Here is a topic overview and here is a list of the notation used in the IMVH.

[ IMVH Faculty ]

[ IMVH Faculty ]

About the Developers

The IMVH was designed and developed by the "IM6 faculty members" (Julie CullenMelissa FamulariSimone GalpertiMark MachinaPaul Niehaus, and Joel Watson) with a grant from the UC Office of the President's Innovative Learning Technology InitiativeThe IM6 faculty members thank the team at UCSD’s Educational Technology Services unit, as well as the many staff and students in the Economics Department who have helped with this endeavor.

How to Access the IMVH

Read how to Access the IMVH.

Email with any questions.