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Department of Economics Sponsorship of Student Organizations

The UC San Diego Department of Economics has limited funding to sponsor events/activities of established UCSD student organizations, which directly serve the students of the Department of Economics. 
All Student Organization events must meet at least one of the following goals in order to have an event/activity considered for funding:

  • Benefits the undergraduate students of the Department of Economics
  • Has Department of Economics faculty support
  • Relates to one of these activities, including but not limited to:
    • Engaging alumni
    • Providing connectivity to community and/or companies
    • Educating students on the benefits of experiential training and career skills development
    • Communicating/translating the benefits of a degree from the Department of Economics

PLEASE NOTE: Alcohol, gift cards, and general operational purchase requests (blue tape, pens, etc.) will not be approved. See the A.S. site for operational funding resources.

Funding must be requested four (4) weeks prior to the event/activity, and must follow these steps:

Sponsorship requests will be reviewed and an outcome provided within 5-10 business days of request.

If sponsorship of event/activity is approved and funded:

  • Identify the student who has paid for the expense (this person will then receive the reimbursement directly) and have them submit a completed Reimbursement Request for Sponsored Student Activities with receipts showing expense and proof of payment, within three business days of event.
  • Include a copy of the signed, approved Student Organization Sponsorship Request Form with the approval amount indicated by the Department.
  • Acknowledge the UC San Diego Department of Economics on all advertising as a sponsor of the event (logo provided upon request).
  • Provide a list of event attendees.

PLEASE NOTE: Sponsorship funds are non-transferable.

All receipts must be submitted with a completed Department of Economics Reimbursement Request for Sponsored Student Activities, an approved Student Organization Sponsorship Request Form, and a list of event attendees, within three (3) working days of the event, or funding commitment is void.