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Incoming Transfer Students

Effective FA19 all majors in the Department of Economics are no longer capped.  To become one of our majors, students simply need to select the major using the Major/Minor Tool on TritonLink.

Explore the new transfer student presentation to learn about departmental opportunities and how to enroll for Fall 2019.


Registering for Courses Your First Quarter at UC San Diego

  • Print your major requirements checklist, and the transfer two-year plan for your major.
    • These plans assume all lower division requirements for the majors have been completed.
    • If this is not the case, be prepared to complete the remaining lower division requirements before starting the upper division core requirements.
  • Evaluate your Math transfer courses.
  • Evaluate your Economics transfer courses.
    • A score of 5 on the AP Microeconomics Exam will give you credit for ECON 1; a score of 5 on the AP Macroeconomics Exam will give you credit for ECON 3.
    • Check ASSIST for California Community College course equivalencies.
    • If you cannot find a course you took on ASSIST and you believe it is equivalent to one of our courses, you may need to file a petition. Contact us via
  • Check the Schedule of Classes to see which courses are being offered.
  • Read the Economics section in the UC San Diego General Catalog for course descriptions and prerequisites for Econ courses. Please note that prerequisites are enforced.
  • Prepare to register for the next quarter's classes in the middle of the quarter.

IGETC Students

Completion of IGETC does not mean that you have successfully completed all lower division major requirements. All incoming transfer students are expected to have completed Econ 1, 3 and Math 10A or 20A, Math 10B or 20B and Math 10C or 20C. Prospective Management Science majors should also complete Econ 4 and Math 18 (Linear Algebra) prior to transferring to UC San Diego. Failure to complete these lower division requirements will delay your enrollment in our upper division core courses, because all upper division Economics core courses require the completion of at least Math 10C or 20C for enrollment. Visit the UC San Diego Summer Session website for Math courses offered during the summer. California Community College equivalences for UC San Diego calculus courses can be found on ASSIST. Additional course transfer equivalencies for calculus at other institutions can be found on the Math Department's Web site.

UC Reciprocity Students

Completion of your UC Reciprocity Agreement does not have any impact on transferred major coursework. All economics courses taken at other four year institutions, including other UCs, must be petitioned for credit. Our program is highly quantitative and our upper division core courses require the completion of an entire year of calculus prior to enrollment. Some UC programs do not require this level of math in their core coursework, and therefore, students may encounter problems when attempting to transfer in upper division economics coursework to UCSD economics. If you are applying for an inter-UC transfer and would like your courses pre-screened by our Department, please contact the Department.

Still have questions?

New Students (students who have officially accepted, after SIR deadline): Please contact us through the New Student Portal.

Current Students (those who have registered for classes): Feel free to contact us through the Virtual Advising Center.

Questions about the student experience? Connect with a current student in our Undergraduate Economic Society (UES) by email, at, or on Facebook.


Are you a new Economics, Management Science, or Joint Math- Econ major?

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