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Undergraduate Advising Hours and Contact Info

Advising Hours

Longterm Planning Appointments

Request for remote one-on-one long-term planning appointments can be submitted via the Virtual Advising Center (VAC)


Remote Drop-in Hours (PDT) 

FA22 Week 2 Hours

Monday 10/3: 1pm - 3pm

Tuesday 10/4: No hours

Wednesday 10/5: 1pm - 3pm

Thursday 10/6: 10am - 12pm

Friday 9/30: No hours


Economics Drop-In Advising is for quick enrollment, course, major/minor requirement questions. Meetings are limited to 15 minutes.

When Drop-In Advising is open, students will be able to meet with an advisor by signing in to the Walk-In Advising Queue in the Meet with Advisor area of the Virtual Advising Center (VAC).
Availability is subject to change.

All advising is currently remote, as we do not have any staff available in-person. 

Please continue to submit questions to us via the Virtual Advising Center (, and send petitions or forms for review to

Thank you for your partnership.





Undergraduate Advisors

Undergraduate Student Services Office Location: Social Sciences Research Building (SSRB).

All advising is currently remote until further notice.  

UCSD students use the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) to contact the Economics Undergraduate Advising Office. Questions will be answered within two business days.

Individuals without VAC access may contact the Economics Undergraduate Advising Office via


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Faculty Director of Student Advising

Professor Tom Vogl

FA22 Office Hours

Fridays 11am-12pm

In person (ECON 314) 


Before emailing the Faculty Director of Student Advising, please contact our undergraduate advisors for a prompt response, via Virtual Advising Center (VAC).