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Alumni Survey

We surveyed you about the strength of our alumni network, how to better serve you, your career and industry paths since graduating, and your overall opinion of our department, programs, and faculty.

Here are the Results:

Most of you are quite satisfied with the education you received and would like to hear from us more often! Alumni Survey

  • 74% of you live in California and 56% live in Southern California
  • Alumni services is the most common requests from respondents
  • Finance and Statistics are the most useful courses and Operations Research is the least useful
  • Roughly half of you continued your education after UC San Diego
  • 52% rated your degree Very Important or Important to our current occupation
  • 35% of you earn more than $100,000 a year
  • You voted Prof. Machina the most significantly impactful faculty member
  • 54% of you graduated in the last 10 years
  • 71% believe your degree prepared you very well/well and only 8% thought it was not adequate preparation for continuing your education
  • 7% of you work in higher education and 22% work in financial services


Data was gathered using both closed and free response questions meant to survey the overall satisfaction and career paths of our graduates. Of the 6,500 alumni from our list-serve that were surveyed, roughly 700 responses were received for a 10.7% response rate.