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Give Back

As a UCSD Economics alum, you are among a group of people who truly understand the value of your degree. The Department trains individuals who take on critical social challenges and who work to solve the most complicated economic puzzles. With your support, these remarkable faculty and students will improve the future for us all. Your gift – no matter how large or small – enhances the power and reach of our alumni each year. Thank you for giving back, which you can do online by clicking on one of the funds below.

Economics Department Innovation Fund

Your gift supports initiatives such as:

  • Fostering creative undergraduate research experiences and enabling students to participate in national research competitions
  • The Undergraduate Economics Society, was created by economics students and faculty to create a community for students majoring in or interested in economics
  • Research Centers that support and promote studies in specific fields and on issues that are of great importance to the region and beyond

Economics Preprofessional Student Support

Your gift supports professional development programs, staffing, and/or activities that assist students in getting careers started in fields related to economics.

Economics Department Graduate Student Support Fund

Your gift supports Department of Economics graduate students in their progress to their Ph.D. degrees. Examples of uses of funds include but are not limited to:

  • Graduate student researcher salaries
  • Stipend/fee support
  • Research-related expenses
  • Conference fees and travel expenses

Benjamin C. Horne Memorial Prize

The Benjamin C. Horne Memorial Prize is an endowed fund that generates an annual payout which is awarded each year to graduate students in Economics at UC San Diego whose research has potential to advance causes that were dear to our friend Ben: peace, international cooperation, development, and environmental protection.

Clive Granger Memorial Fund

The Clive Granger Memorial Fund is an endowed fund that generates an annual payout which is awarded each year to support six fellowships. The fellowships are named in honor of Nobel Prize winner Clive Granger and are awarded to the most promising graduate student researchers. The fellowships carry a small stipend and allow the students to make more rapid dissertation progress by minimizing work obligations.

Walter Heller Memorial Prize

The Walter Heller Memorial Fund is an endowed memorial fund that generates an annual payout which is awarded each year. The fund is used to award the Walter Heller Memorial prize to the graduate student(s) in the Economics Department with the best third-year paper. Given in memory of Walter Heller, this award serves to provide a concrete form of recognition to those graduate students who are getting off to the best start on their research careers.


If you are interested in donating to any of these funds by check, please mail your check to UC San Diego, Division of Social Sciences, 9500 Gilman Drive #0502, La Jolla, CA 92093-0502. Please make your check out to the UC San Diego Foundation, and indicate which fund you are supporting. Thank you!