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See below for individuals responsible for functions. For general inquiries, please send to these role accounts:

Faculty HR and Department Contacts

Department Manager Sue King
Faculty Benefits/Compensation Tracy Liu
Faculty Committees Tracy Liu
Faculty Leave of Absence Tracy Liu
Keys-Faculty/Staff Tracy Liu
Paychecks-Faculty Tracy Liu
Timekeeping Michelle Zhou (Galvez)
Facilities Michelle Zhou (Galvez)
Fund Management Nicole Daneshvar
Office Supplies Michelle Zhou (Galvez)

Instructional Support

Instructional Support Andrew Flores
Teaching Credits Sue King
Textbook Orders Andrew Flores
Course Scheduling Andrew Flores
TA & Reader Assignments Andrew Flores
OSD Liaison Jennifer Buenrostro


Human Subjects Nicole Daneshvar
Contracts and Grants Nicole Daneshvar
Hiring Undergrad Students Nicole Daneshvar
Hiring Grad Students Andrew Flores

Hiring Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs)

View Current GSR Costs

Quarterly calls for GSR hires are sent out by Econ Grad staff. If you missed the call, please email Andrew with the following:

  • Student's Name and PID
  • Requested start and end dates
  • Funding source/index number
  • Requested percent of time (25%/49.99%/etc.)

Employment eligibility will be reviewed and you will receive either a confirmation or follow up for each request; please do not promise any employment to a student before this happens.

Keep in mind that student status limits total employment to 50% during the academic year (defined as the first day of Fall quarter through the last day of Spring quarter), all current positions combined.

Exceptions may be requested for domestic students only. Unfortunately, student visa status prohibits employment over 50% during the academic year.

Hiring Undergraduate Student Researchers

*Special justification will be requested for students who are registered at a different UC location. Unfortunately, we cannot hire students outside of the UC system. 

All undergrad positions must go through UCSD Career Services before a hire can be made. To initiate a request, email Nicole with the following:

  • Brief job description or bullet points of primary duties
  • Qualifications/requirements
  • Desired start and end dates
  • Approximate hours per week
  • Hourly rate you want to offer (most commonly between $13-$20/hr) and index you'd like to use

Additionally, if you have already selected a student:

  • Name and PID of student
  • Do they have any near relatives working for UCSD?
  • Justification to hire this particular student vs. open recruitment (ex. they have taken your course and have already demonstrated ability to do the work/are familiar with the project/etc.)

Nicole will create the job card and either post the position or request permission to hire. 

Students are not to begin work without approval. You will be notified by email with the approved start date as soon as possible.

For National Science Foundation REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) supplements, the student must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident, and will be paid via stipend. Please send Nicole the name and PID of the student, as well as the funding amount and schedule (ex. $1000 for July, or $1000 across Spring Quarter).


General Computing & Software Support Michael Hatch
Website/Personal Websites Michelle Zhou (Galvez)
Copier/Scanner/Fax Assistance Michelle Zhou (Galvez)
Projector Issues Sue King

Student Advising

Graduate Advising Jessica Williams
Undergraduate Advising Jennifer Buenrostro, Genna Petoscia, Gaby Ray
Student Org Sponsorships  Genna Petoscia

Conference & Events

Reimbursements/Purchasing Michelle Zhou (Galvez)
Room Reservations-Campus Space Andrew Flores
Room Reservations-Department Space Michelle Zhou (Galvez)
Seminar/Short Term Visitors Michelle Zhou (Galvez)
Visiting Scholars Tracy Liu
Econ Roundtable Michelle Zhou (Galvez)
Event Coordination Michelle Zhou (Galvez)
Travel Michelle Zhou (Galvez)