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Faculty Resources

Staff Info and Office Hours

See below for the individual or role accounts to use for different types of inquiries.

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Audio/Visual Services and Equipment

Classroom and lecture hall support provides help with media stations, projectors, document cameras, and other instructional classroom technology. Educational Technology Services staff can also provide in-person orientation sessions to familiarize new users with the equipment.

Visit the Classroom Details page to find the technology and media available in every classroom and lecture hall. Also find information about each room's seating capacity, lighting, and more.

How to Report Issues in Lecture Halls/Campus Classroom Spaces

  • Email for information or issues that do not require immediate assistance.
  • Call (858) 534-5784 for immediate technical support.

Free podcasting of lectures is available to classes scheduled in a podcast-ready lecture hall. To signup or for scheduling questions, contact ACS/IWDC: (858) 822-3315,

Class Rosters

Class rosters can be viewed and downloaded by going to Blink and clicking on the Instructions Tools, then Class lists. Single Sign-On (SSO) userid and password are required.

New instructors need to self-register for a SSO.

Current instructors with a existing SSO can contact Nicole Daneshvar with access problems.

Course Descriptions and Schedules

Econ 207 Printer

Instructions to Add the Econ 207 Printer

All users have to either be connected via campus etherent, connected to UCSD-Protected WiFi, or connected to Two-Step VPN.

Add this printer on Windows:
1. Select "Start" and type "printers" in the search box
2. Select "Add a printer or scanner".
3. After printers begin to appear, scroll down to "The printer that I want isn't listed" at the bottom,
then select it.
4. Select "Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname", then select "Next".
5. Select "TCP/IP Device" in the "Device type" list
6. Type in "econ207-hp-mfp-m227fdn" (no quotes, no spaces). Select "Next"
7. You should be prompted to give the printer a customizable name, and once you have done so
should be able to print to it.

Add this printer on Mac:
1. Launch System Preferences
2. Select Printers & Scanners
3. Click the+ icon at the bottom left
4. Select the "IP" icon near the top center (it's shaped like a globe)
5. In the "Address" field, type "econ207-hp-mfp-m227fdn" (no quotes, no spaces)
a. If you'd like to give it a customized name, you can enter that in the "Name" field below
6. The "Use" field should automatically fill itself in, once it does hit "Add" and you should be able to use the printer.

If you have any issues, please email for assistance, and include both the printer
you're trying to add and the operating system you're using.

Educational Technology Services

Faculty Resources:

  • TritonEd – Learn about TritonEd, UC San Diego's Learning Management System
  • Classroom Support – Get support for technology in the classroom, including immediate help
  • Clickers – Find out more about the i>clicker student response system
  • Instructional Resources Find out about guidelines and services to enhance your teaching and help your students.
  • Instructional Technology - Learn about Online Education and how ITS and faculty create online content
  • Accounts and Passwords – Register Email and printing account, change passwords
  • Email – Check and manage your campus email
  • Grades - A step-by-step guide is available detailing how to submit electronic grades, designate an authorized grader, and submit grades changes.
  • Podcasting – Learn how to podcast your course
  • Google Apps for Courses at UC San Diego - Faculty can now utilize Google Apps for Education to share course materials, communicate, and collaborate with students


Graduate Course surveys are administered in-class by the Department during weeks seven and eight of the quarter. One copy of the evaluation summary will go to the faculty member, and one copy will be placed in the faculty member's file.

Undergraduate Course surveys are administered online by Course and Professor Evaluation (CAPE), a student-run organization. Students will evaluate you and the course during weeks eight through 10 of the quarter. Response rates can be very low without faculty encouragement. CAPE ( provides tips on increasing response rates from successful faculty. The CAPE results, as well as your actual grade distribution for the entire class, are reported here ( Finally, your student's written CAPE comments are not publicly available and are found here (

Teaching Assistant surveys: Academic Affairs will e-mail you a link to the survey in week 8 and you have until after final exams to complete the TA survey. We strongly encourage all faculty to submit their TA evaluations! Your responses play an important role in determining future TA assignments. Detailed comments are particularly important for TA awards and in determining which graduate students may teach their own class.

Lecturers & New Faculty surveys are administered in-class by the Department in mid-quarter. Evaluations will be distributed to the relevant instructor around the middle of the quarter and should be returned to the Graduate Advising staff in Sequoyah Hall, Rm. 243.


Per Department policy, Gradescope is required for all courses (as of SS II, 2019.

New to Gradescope?

I. First, create an instructor account at
  1. Go to the Sign Up Form for Gradescope.
  2. Click the "Instructor" button.
  3. In the "SCHOOL EMAIL ADDRESS" field, enter in your OFFICIAL "" UCSD email address. (Do not use a departmental email address such as
  4. In the "SCHOOL" popup menu, choose "UC San Diego" from the list.
  5. In the "HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US?" field, leave it blank.
  6. In the "INVITE CODE" field, leave it blank.
  7. Click the "Sign up as an instructor" button.
  8. If successful, a signup acknowledgement page should appear. Check your UCSD email account for a new "Welcome to Gradescope!" email from containing additional instructions to set up your Gradescope account (set your password, etc.). The email may take a few minutes to arrive.

II. Second, integrate Gradescope with your Canvas class

(Note:  Do not create the Gradescope course first!  Do this from within Canvas)

  1. Navigate to your Canvas course
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select the Navigation tab
  4. Locate Gradescope
  5. Select the three vertical dots next to the tool and select Enable
  6. Select Save
  7. Select the Gradescope link on your side course menu to begin creating your Gradescope course

(See for updates)

III.  Add students

    Now you can use the "Sync Roster" option to update the class roster.

IV. Create a Gradescope assignment


Using the Scanner in Econ 304

Please reference the following instructions on how to use the DocuMate 6440 Scanner 


Room Reservations

Policies and Procedures

  • Rooms can only be reserved for Economics department instructional or administrative use. 
  • For your convenience, you may access room availability using the links below.
  • Please submit all room requests through the Econ Room Reservation Form
  • The calendar details are updated on a regular basis, but your reservation is not official until you receive email confirmation.
  • If you are using the room during someone's scheduled time, you will be asked to leave promptly.

Instructional Meeting Rooms

Social Sciences Building (SSB) 107 (Room capacity: 30 seats w/desks, 30 seats w/o desks)

Social Sciences Building (SSB) 506 (Room capacity: 12 seats w/desks, 13 seats w/o desks)

San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) E129 (Room capacity: 12 seats w/desks)

San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) E185 (Room capacity: 6 seats around conference table)

Non Instructional Meeting Rooms

San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) E172 - UNAVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) E175 - Individual Reservable Office

Atkinson 3803 - Individual Reservable Office

Atkinson 3804 - Individual Reservable Office

Other Reservable Rooms

In the event all of our department dedicated spaces are fully booked on the day/time you are requesting, below are spaces available to us that other departments have generously allowed us to request.

*PLEASE NOTE: these are not guaranteed spaces as they are owned and used by other departments. Please submit your reservation request as soon as possible.

Atkinson - Calendar Availability

  • 4004 (can seat 24)
  • 5004 (can seat 15)
  • 2004, 3004, 6004 (can seat 12)
  • 2006, 3006, 6006 (can seat 10)
  • 2010, 4010, 6010 (can seat 6)


  • E145 (cannot be reserved for classroom usage)

MCC - Media Center and Communication Building

  • 127 (seats 12-15 around a conference table)
  • 133 (seats 15 around a conference table, 10 additional chairs not at the table)
  • 201 (seats 35 total)

If you wish to reserve any of these spaces or have any questions, please contact Jay Wilson at and he will connect you with the appropriate individual for the space you are requesting.