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Research Centers

Center for Environmental Economics

The Center for Environmental Economics promotes research in environmental economics and provides a community for scholars (faculty, graduate students, and others) interested in various topics on environmental economics. The Center also sponsors seminars in Environmental Economics. 

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Globalization and Prosperity Lab (GPL)

The Globalization and Prosperity Lab (GPL) brings together scholars to analyze globalization and its impact on prosperity and equity. Globalization is economic change with global reach, including technological innovation, the worldwide integration of markets, and the global expansion of the service economy. GPL scholars investigate the origins of globalization in the worldwide division of labor and in local entrepreneurship, and study the consequences of globalization for people and local markets in the short term and over life cycles and careers. Through both academic research and policy analysis, GPL intends to incubate a conceptual redesign of globalization and its governance that is proactive and guided by ethical principles. A core asset is GPL's cModel, a perpetually improving computation model for close to 100 countries and 170 industries, including local labor markets and global supply chains. In cBriefs, GPL scholars address pressing policy issues based on cModel simulations. At a cHub, GPL will provide server-based access to large-scale confidential microdata for scholars in residence and up-to-date public data for research into globalization and prosperity.

GPL Website Under Development

San Diego Education Research Alliance (SanDERA)

The San Diego Education Research Alliance (SanDERA) at UC San Diego conducts rigorous research and relevant research that contributes to the development of education policy and informs, supports, and sustains high-quality educational opportunities for all students in San Diego and beyond. SanDERA was established in 2000 as a partnership between UC San Diego Department of Economics and the San Diego Unified School District on the economics of education. 

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