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Greetings from the Chair


Economics Department Chair

Julie Cullen
Sequoyah Hall, Rm. 248
Phone: 858-534-1055
Fax: 858-822-2657

Our mission is twofold. First, to educate undergraduate and graduate students in the understanding of how the economy of the world works. Secondly, to advance knowledge in the field of economics and related fields and understand how this knowledge impacts the world.

We have a large and vibrant undergraduate program that attracts thousands of students both from within California and around the world. Each quarter, over 6,000 students enroll in our courses.  In 2017 10.2% of all undergraduate students graduating from UC San Diego majored in one of our three undergraduate majors, which continue to be top draws. Graduates from our program go on to work in business or go on to further their education often at some of the best schools in the world.

In our doctoral program, we have around 120 graduate students pushing forward knowledge in a diverse array of economics related fields. Traditional areas of excellence such as microeconomic and econometric theory have been extended to include Development, Macroeconomics and Environmental Economics. Past students from our program can be found as Professors in top academic departments across the world, as well as making impacts in both the Government and in industry.

After its founding in 1964, the Department rose rapidly in prominence along with the rest of UCSD.  Within four decades, two long-time faculty won Nobel Prizes in 2003.  Numerous other faculty have been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.  The Economics Department established its reputation on the basis of world-renowned faculty working-groups in econometrics and microeconomic theory.  During the last two decades, the Department has developed leading groups in macroeconomics, international trade and development, behavioral economics, and education research as well as other fields in applied microeconomics.  We now have approximately 35 full-time faculty researching a broad array of economics issues.

The Department has close ties with several other units on campus, including the School of Global Policy and StrategyThe Rady School of Management, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO), and other academic departments (such as Political Science and Mathematics).  The economics community at UCSD, in fact, spans the Department and some of these other units, and some of the faculty hold joint appointments.  We contribute to, and have an integral part in, the graduate programs of SIO, GPS, and the Rady School.  At the undergraduate level, we play a major role in the International Studies Program and also contribute to the Environmental StudiesEnvironmental Systems and Urban Studies & Planning programs.  The Department has played a leadership role in UCSD’s Environmental Sustainability and Climate Institute and in the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, among others.  The Department also has connections with the Southwest Fisheries Science Center (of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).  

We encourage all, but especially our alumni, to be part of the vibrant and exciting world of UCSD Economics. Stay connected or become connected with UCSD economics.   


Julie Cullen
Department Chair