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On Campus

The Department of Economics is primarily housed within the Economics Building and Sequoyah Hall (on Ridge Walk, Marshall College). Administrative staff are located in the Social Sciences Research Building (SSRB).


University of California, San Diego
Department of Economics
9500 Gilman Drive #0508 
La Jolla, CA 92093-0508


  • Faculty: (858) 534-7040
  • Business Affairs: (858) 822-2657


Faculty Recruitment Questions (do not send applications): Kirstie Onuchic, 

Ph.D. Admissions:

Ph.D. Advising: Andrew Flores,

Ph.D. Job Market Placement Director: Joel Sobel,

Undergraduate Admissions:

Undergraduate Advising: Kenny Jones, Genna Pace, Ann Wu:

Visiting Graduate Students:

Visiting Instructors: Kirstie Onuchic, 

Visiting Scholars: Kirstie Onuchic, 

Visiting Seminar Speakers: Michelle Zhou, 

To report a problem on our website: Michelle Zhou,