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Faculty Profiles

  • James Andreoni

    James Andreoni

    • Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1986
    • Professor
    • Research Interests: Altruism, Charitable giving, Experimental economics, Decision making, Law and Economics
  • Kate Antonovics

    Kate Antonovics

    • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 2000
    • Associate Teaching Professor
    • Research Interests: Race and gender discrimination, Income inequality, Wage growth, Employer learning
  • Richard Attiyeh

    Richard Attiyeh

    • Ph.D., Yale University
    • Professor Emeritus
  • Brendan Beare

    Brendan Beare

    • Ph.D., Yale University, 2007
    • Associate Professor
    • Research Interests: Time series econometrics, Financial econometrics
  • Eli Berman

    Eli Berman

    Ph.D., Harvard University, 1993
    Research Interests: Labor Economics, Labor demand and technological change, Religion, Middle East, Terrorism and Insurgency, Fertility, Immigration, Language

  • Julian R. Betts

    Julian R. Betts

    Ph.D., Queens University, 1990
    Research Interests: Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Immigration, Technological Change

  • Prashant Bharadwaj

    Prashant Bharadwaj

    Ph.D., Yale University, 2009
    Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Graduate Studies
    Research Interests: Fertility and Labor Markets, Health Impacts of Air Pollution

  • Judd Boomhower

    Judd Boomhower

    Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 2015
    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests: Environmental economics; energy markets; electricity; oil and gas; climate change; environmental protection; natural resources
  • Richard T. Carson

    Richard T. Carson

    Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 1985
    Research Interests: Environmental valuation, Climate change, Environment and development, Fisheries

  • Jeffrey Clemens

    Jeffrey Clemens

    Ph.D., Harvard University, 2011
    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests: Social Insurance, Health Economics, Health Policy, and State and Local Government Finance

  • Vincent P. Crawford

    Vincent P. Crawford

    Ph.D., MIT, 1976
    Professor Emeritus & Research Professor
    Research Interests: Microeconomic theory, behavioral and experimental economics

  • Julie Berry Cullen

    Julie Berry Cullen

    Ph.D., MIT, 1997
    Research Interests: Economics of education, Social insurance, Fiscal federalism

  • Gordon B. Dahl

    Gordon B. Dahl

    Ph.D., Princeton University, 1998
    Research Interests: Labor economics and applied microeconomics

  • Songzi Du

    Songzi Du

    Ph.D., Stanford, 2012
    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests: Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Market Microstructure
  • Graham Elliott

    Graham Elliott

    Ph.D., Harvard University, 1994
    Professor & Chair, Department of Economics
    Research Interests: Econometrics

  • Robert F. Engle

    Robert F. Engle

    Ph.D., Cornell University, 1969
    Prof. Emeritus, Research Prof., & 2003 Nobelist
    Research Interests: time series econometrics, macroeconomics, energy markets, urban economies and emerging markets as well as the main financial asset classes: equities, currencies, fixed income and derivatives

  • Itzik Fadlon

    Itzik Fadlon

    Ph.D., Harvard, 2015
    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests: Public Finance, Health Economics, and Labor Economics

  • Melissa Famulari

    Melissa Famulari

    Ph.D., University of Washington, 1987
    Associate Teaching Professor, VC of Undergraduate Studies and Instruction
    Research Interests: Labor Economics, Health Economics, Health and the Labor Market

  • Marjorie Flavin

    Marjorie Flavin

    Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1981
    Professor Emeritus
    Research Interests: Macroeconomics, especially macro/housing, household consumption, portfolio allocation, and asset pricing

  • Simone Galperti

    Simone Galperti

    Ph.D., Northwestern, 2013
    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests: Mechanisms design, contract theory, and behavioral economics

  • Alexander Gelber

    Alexander Gelber

    Ph.D., Harvard, 2008
    Associate Professor
    Research Interests: Social Insurance, Taxation, Labor Supply, Retirement
  • Roger Gordon

    Roger Gordon

    Ph.D., MIT, 1976
    Professor Emeritus & Research Professor
    Research Interests: Taxes and corporate dividend policy, Choice of personal tax base, Taxes and development

  • Josh Graff Zivin

    Josh Graff Zivin

    Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1998
    Research Interests: Health economics, environmental economics, innovation, and international development

  • Theodore Groves

    Theodore Groves

    Ph.D., UC Berkeley
    Professor Emeritus
    Research Interests: Environmental economics; Mechanism design; Public finance

  • James D. Hamilton

    James D. Hamilton

    Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 1983
    Research Interests: Monetary policy, Econometrics, Energy economics, Asset markets

  • Gordon Hanson

    Gordon Hanson

    Ph.D., MIT, 1992
    Research Interests: International migration, Multinational enterprises, Labor market consequences of globalization

  • Mark Jacobsen

    Mark Jacobsen

    Ph.D., Stanford University, 2007
    Associate Professor
    Research Interests: Energy and environmental policy, fuel economy regulation, public goods

  • David Lagakos

    David Lagakos

    Ph.D., UC Los Angeles, 2008
    Associate Professor
    Research Interests: Conducts research at the intersection of macroeconomics and development

  • Mark J. Machina

    Mark J. Machina

    Ph.D., MIT, 1979
    Research Interests: Choice under uncertainty, Alternative Models of risk preferences and beliefs

  • Katherine Meckel

    Ph.D., Columbia, 2015
    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests: Public Economics, Health Economics
  • Marc Muendler

    Marc Muendler

    Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 2002
    Research Interests: International trade, Foreign investment and multinational enterprises, Productivity estimation, Information Economics

  • Karthik Muralidharan

    Karthik Muralidharan

    Ph.D., Harvard University, 2007
    Research Interests: Development Economics, Human capital, Education and health in developing countries, Program evaluation, Field experiments

  • Paul Niehaus

    Paul Niehaus

    Ph.D., Harvard University, 2009
    Associate Professor
    Research Interests: Economic issues in developing countries; social learning processes.

  • Tommaso Porzio

    Tommaso Porzio

    Ph.D., Yale, 2016
    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests: Human capital, Technology adoption, matching and organization of production, structural transformation and growth

  • Garey Ramey

    Garey Ramey

    Ph.D., Stanford University, 1987
    Research Interests: Finance, Theory of Contracts

  • Valerie A. Ramey

    Valerie A. Ramey

    Ph.D., Stanford University, 1987
    Research Interests: Trends in time use, Leisure, Home production, Government spending, Inventories

  • James E. Rauch

    James E. Rauch

    Ph.D., Yale University, 1985
    Research Interests: International trade, Economic development, Business and social networks, Entrepreneurship

  • Giacomo Rondina

    Giacomo Rondina

    Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007
    LSOE, Director of Instruction
    Research Interests: Macroeconomic Theory, International Macroeconomics
  • Joel Sobel

    Joel Sobel

    Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 1978
    Research Interests: Game theory, Information Economics

  • Charles Sprenger

    Charles Sprenger

    Ph.D., UC San Diego, 2011
    Associate Professor

  • Ross Starr

    Ross Starr

    Ph.D., Stanford University, 1972
    Professor Emeritus & Research Professor
    Research Interests: General equilibrium theory, Foundations of monetary theory, Non-convex economies, Liquidity of financial markets

  • Yixiao Sun

    Yixiao Sun

    Ph.D., Yale University, 2002
    Research Interests: Robust Inference for time series and panel data, Semiparametrics, Nonparametrics

  • Allan Timmermann

    Allan Timmermann

    Ph.D., University of Cambridge, 1992
    Research Interests: Predictability of stock returns, Forecasting methods, Structural breaks in time series, Performance evaluation for mutual funds and pension funds

  • Alexis Akira Toda

    Alexis Akira Toda

    Ph.D., Yale, 2013
    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests: General equilibrium theory with applications to finance and macroeconomics; default; risk-sharing; size distributions and power law

  • Isabel Trevino

    Isabel Trevino

    Ph.D., New York University, 2014
    Assistant Professor

  • Joel Watson

    Joel Watson

    Ph.D., Stanford GSB, 1992
    Research Interests: Economic Theory, in particular the analysis of contracts and institutions

  • Michelle White

    Michelle White

    Ph.D., Princeton University, 1973
    Professor Emeritus & Research Professor

  • Johannes Wieland

    Johannes Wieland

    Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 2013
    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests: Financial Economics, Monetary Policy

  • Kaspar Wuthrich

    Kaspar Wuthrich

    Ph.D., University of Bern, 2015
    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests: Theoretical and applied microeconometrics, policy evaluation, applied public and health economics

  • Andres Santos

    Andres Santos

    Ph.D., Stanford University, 2007
    Adjunct Professor
    Research Interests: Nonparametric econometrics, estimation and testing
  • Dale Squires

    Dale Squires

    Ph.D., Cornell University, 1984
    Adjunct Professor, NOAA Southwest Fisheries
    Research Interests: Squires specializes in resource economics, fisheries in particular.

  • Renee Bowen

    Renee Bowen

    Ph.D., Georgetown University, 2008
    Associate Professor, GPS
    Research Interests: Political Economy, Microeconomic Theory and International Trade
  • Michael Callen

    Michael Callen

    Ph.D., UC San Diego, 2011
    Assistant Professor, Rady School of Management
    Research Interests: Development Economics, Political Economy, Experimental Economics
  • Joseph Engelberg

    Joseph Engelberg

    Ph.D. (Finance) , Northwestern University, 2009
    Associate Professor, Rady School of Management
    Research Interests: Asset Pricing, Behavioral Finance Information Diffusion, Media, Networks

  • James Hilger

    James Hilger

    Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 2006
    Asst. Adjunct Professor, NOAA Southwest Fisheries
    Research Interests: Fisheries, non-market valuation, and marketing.

  • Craig McIntosh

    Craig McIntosh

    Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 2003
    Associate Professor, GPS

  • Dimitri Politis

    Dimitri Politis

    Ph.D., Stanford University, 1990
    Professor, Mathematics

  • Natalia Ramondo

    Natalia Ramondo

    Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2006

    Assistant Professor, GPS
    Research Interests: International trade with a particular emphasis on the behavior of multinational firms. She explores the determinants of multinational activities as well as their effects on the receiving countries. Recently, she has focused on the dynamic​ behavior of multinational firms. ​Her research blends theory, data, and quantitative methods.​
  • Krislert Samphantharak

    Krislert Samphantharak

    Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2003
    Assistant Professor, GPS
    Research Interests: Household finance in developing economies, Corporate finance, Corporate governance, Business groups, Family business, Economic development of Southeast Asia