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Kate Antonovics

Type: Faculty

Name: Kate Antonovics

Title: Provost, Seventh College; Teaching Professor (SLSOE)

Degree: Ph.D.

Degree From: University of Wisconsin

Degree Year: 2000

Fields of Research: Labor Economics 

Research Interest: Race and Gender Discrimination, Income Inequality, Wage Growth, Employer Learning

Research Statement: Kate Antonovics has two main strands of research. One focuses on income inequality with a particular focus on the sources of race and gender inequality and the role that both preference-based discrimination and statistical discrimination play in perpetuating that inequality. Her interests lie in uncovering whether there is evidence of discrimination, what theory of discrimination best explains observed patterns in the data and the extent to which discrimination accounts for well-known race and gender wage gaps. The other strand of her research focuses on employer learning, and how employer's wage and promotion decisions are influenced by the arrival of new information about workers' talents. In particular, she is interested in whether and to what extent employers "experiment" by placing workers in particular jobs in order to learn about their skills.