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Ross Starr

Type: Faculty

Name: Ross M. Starr

Title: Professor Emeritus & Research Professor

Degree: Ph.D.

Degree From: Stanford University

Degree Year: 1972

Fields of Research: Finance (Primary), Macroeconomics (Primary) , Microeconomic Theory 

Research Interest: General equilibrium theory, Foundations of monetary theory, Non-convex economies, Liquidity of financial markets

Research Statement: Ross Starr's research has dealt with general equilibrium theory, allocation under uncertainty, foundations of monetary theory, empirical estimation of the demand for money, and theoretical and empirical pricing of liquidity in financial markets. There are two current foci: general equilibrium modeling of monetary economies, deriving money and monetary institutions as an outcome of the market equilibrium, not as an assumption; estimating pricing of asset liquidity in financial markets. Starr is the author of General Equilibrium Theory: An Introduction, Cambridge University Press, 1997.