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Denis Shishkin

Welcome Assistant Professor, Denis Shishkin

Denis Shishkin received his PhD in Economics from Princeton University in 2020.  Prior to attending Princeton University, he attended the New Economic School in Moscow where he received his MA in Economics (2014).

His primary research interests are information economics, behavioral economics, and experimental economics. His dissertation examines how information is transmitted, elicited, and processed by agents in various economic environments. In his research, Denis utilizes theoretical models, as well as data collected through incentivized laboratory experiments. For example his paper “Evidence Acquisition and Voluntary Disclosure” is interested in how information of each party in some transaction affects decision making, be it a seller and buyer, fund raiser and investor, or lawyer and jury. Often one of the parties is in the position of deciding what information will be available, and it is a design problem as to what that information should be. In this paper disclosure of information is voluntary, and the party with the information needs to make a decision as to whether or not to withhold. Denis is able to show, amongst other results, that the optimal form of the information is a binary signal.

In addition to this research, Denis has three other papers examining information design and mechanism design. Denis adds to the Department’s long history of excellence in micro economic theory.