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Welcome Professor, Nir Jaimovich

Nir Jaimovich rejoined the Department of Economics in July 2022. After starting his academic career at UCSD back in 2004, he went on to positions at Stanford, Duke, USC, and most recently the University of Zurich. We successfully recruited Nir as a Target of Excellence hire, which are positions created for truly outstanding high-profile scholars. He is the holder of the Anonymous Family Chancellor Endowed Chair in Macroeconomics, and a joint Managing Editor at the Review of Economic Studies.

Nir is a broad, big-picture macroeconomist who is an early mover in incorporating heterogeneity across individuals and firms into the field of macroeconomics. In his research, he blends well-identified estimates from rich microdata with frontier structural and computational modeling to show that many macroeconomic outcomes can be better understood as results of interactions between agents that differ. He has made foundational contributions in core areas of macroeconomics, such as in our understanding of the drivers of business cycle dynamics. He has also made meaningful contributions to a wide range of other areas, including where macroeconomics intersects with labor economics. His research agenda represents what is most exciting in macroeconomics, which is confronting theory with lessons that can be learned from big data, so that classic theories can be revised to better explain what is observed in the real world.

Nir adds to the macroeconomic group here at UCSD Economics. He will teach in our undergraduate intermediate macroeconomics sequence, and also offer graduate macroeconomics core and elective courses.