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Economics Room Reservations

Policies and Procedures

  • At this time, rooms can only be reserved for Economics department instructional or administrative use
  • Please submit all room reservation requests through the Room Reservation Form.
  • The calendar details are updated on a regular basis, but your reservation is not official until you receive email confirmation. Please allow up to one business day for confirmation of booking (up to three days at the beginning of each quarter as that is a heavy reservation period).
  • For your convenience, you may access room availability using the links to the left
  • Rooms are reserved on a first come, first serve basis with priority given to departmental courses
  • Occasionally we may need to reschedule a reservation; in the event this occurs, the original requestor will be emailed
  • You cannot use a room without a reservation. Requests come in frequently and we do our best to post the room use calendar on the door but cannot re-print it for every new reservation. If you are using the room during someone's scheduled time, you will be asked to leave promptly.

Instructional Meeting Rooms

Social Sciences Building (SSB) 107 (Room capacity: 30 seats w/desks, 30 seats w/o desks)

Social Sciences Building (SSB) 506 (Room capacity: 12 seats w/desks, 13 seats w/o desks)

San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) E129 (Room capacity: 12 seats w/desks)

San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) E185 (Room capacity: 6 seats around conference table)

Primary Room Usage

  • Undergraduate and graduate instruction (seminars, discussions, and special projects necessary and associated with class work)
  • Qualifying exams and dissertations
  • OSD exam administration

Non Instructional Meeting Rooms

San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) E172 - UNAVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) E175 - Individual Reservable Office

Atkinson 3803 - Individual Reservable Office

Atkinson 3804 - Individual Reservable Office

Primary Room Usage

  • Grad Reservable spaces
  • Visiting Scholars, Seminar Speakers, Faculty, and Guests from other Universities

Other Reservable Rooms

In the event all of our department dedicated spaces are fully booked on the day/time you are requesting, below are spaces available to us that other departments have generously allowed us to request.

*PLEASE NOTE: these are not guaranteed spaces as they are owned and used by other departments. Please submit your reservation request as soon as possible.

Atkinson - Calendar Availability

  • 4004 (can seat 24)
  • 5004 (can seat 15)
  • 2004, 3004, 6004 (can seat 12)
  • 2006, 3006, 6006 (can seat 10)
  • 2010, 4010, 6010 (can seat 6)


  • E145 (seats 12 around a conference table, 13 additional chairs not at the table, cannot be reserved for classroom usage)

MCC - Media Center and Communication Building

  • 127 (seats 12-15 around a conference table)
  • 133 (seats 15 around a conference table, 10 additional chairs not at the table)
  • 201 (seats 35 total)

If you wish to reserve any of these spaces or have any questions, please contact Jay Wilson at and he will connect you with the appropriate individual for the space you are requesting.