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Registering for Independent Study

PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS THOROUGHLY. This page will go over the registration requirements for three courses ECON 291, 297, and 299, as clearly but concisely as possible. Do not delay in registration for these courses.


Below are options for both pre and post candidacy. All are considered independent studies. They are taken for S/U grading option. Typically, students ask to work with professors they would like to serve, or are currently serving on their dissertation committee.

    • 291. Advanced Field Advising (4 units) Controlled reading and discussion with advisor; literature survey. May be repeated for credit. (S/U grades only)
      The graduate advanced field requirement is now met by breadth and depth components. The breadth by controlled reading and discussion with advisor, the depth by preparing of a literature survey paper and workshop presentation. Students will continue 291 courses with advisor until passing CPhil.


    • 297. Independent Study (1-5 units) (S/U grades only).
      Individual study.


    • 299. Research in Economics for Dissertation (1-12 units) (S/U grades only)
      Research in Economics for dissertation.


Process for Enrollment

  • ECON 291, please email econphdadvising Econphdadvising@AD.UCSD.EDU with the following information:
    •  PID
    • Term of desired enrollment
    • # of Units requesting
    • Faculty approval attached with faculty cc’d
    • You must have faculty approval prior to registration; your approval can be a copy of an email, but it is your responsibility to acquire approval of study with that faculty member for the desired term and units prior to requesting registration.


Please make sure that you have conversations with faculty prior to seeking registration in these courses. All processes will prompt faculty approval, and it is helpful if you have already spoken with them making them aware of your intention to request independent study. If you are unsure whether you need a 291 or 297 course, I would suggest speaking with your faculty advisor to determine your need in regards to what would best be of service to your movement towards CPHIL. 297/299 are typically taken with your advisor and MUST BE TAKEN WITH A FACULTY WILLING TO ASSIGN A GRADE FOR YOU AT THE END OF THE QUARTER. Please make sure you talk to faculty prior to enrolling in an independent study with any faculty member. We hope this adds clarity to registration processes for these courses and please let us know if you have any further questions.