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Financial Support

General Funding Guidelines

The following guidelines for the allocation of funds have been established (consult the Department Director of Student Affairs for possible changes):

  • Entering Students: As a rule, the funding package outlined in your offer letter is the funding that you can expect to receive; funding packages outline support including: fellowships ranging from $10-21K, Academic Student Employment (ASE), full tuition and fees scholarships and full Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition (NRST) scholarships when admission decisions are made. 
    • End of Year One: U.S. citizens that are non-California residents must apply and change their residency status to California residence at the end of their first year or they will be responsible for the non-residency supplemental tuition fee (NRST).
  • Second Year through Fifth Year: Full-time students (12 quarter units) making normal progress in the program are assured aid during the second through fifth years. The Graduate Division affirms that all students will be funded during their first five years of their graduate program; for most students tuition and fees are remitted by working 50% ASE assignments. 
    • Year Three: NRST is guaranteed for International students through their third year. NRST is reduced by 100% upon advancement to candidacy, which usually occurs at the end of a student’s third year or beginning of the fourth year. Fees and tuition may be reduced by Teaching Assistant employment waivers, fellowships and scholarships offered by the Economics Department or other outside sources. Outside funding supersedes department policy for payment of tuition and fees (if outside funding source pays tuition and fees)
  • ASE assignments require students to be registered full-time (12 unit minimum) and complete required trainings (e.g. IA Online, SHPT). For Teaching Assistants specifically, employment assignments are also contingent upon receiving satisfactory teaching evaluations and International Students must meet the English language proficiency certification.

General Departmental Information & Criteria for Awarding Financial Support

In spring quarter of each academic year, a student’s progress is evaluated by their Advisor. Below is the support criteria used in determining individual aid for the subsequent academic year through the end of the fifth year (normative time is five years).

Support Criteria

  • Student must have a GPA of at least 3.0.
  • To continue to receive a Reader/Teaching Assistantship (TAship) a student must have performed satisfactorily, scoring at least a 3.0 or better on past TA evaluations (contact Department Graduate Program Staff with questions).
  • All graduate students must be enrolled in appropriate Ph.D. courses and registered in at least 12 quarter units each quarter.
  • The University support time limit stipulates a student can receive up to six years of university financial assistance including employment, and can TA for up to 18 quarters.
  • The Department guarantees at least partial funding to students in good standing through the end of the fifth year. Students who are not in good standing, or are beyond their fifth year, do not have a guarantee of funding. Contact the Department Director of Student Affairs for details.

Other General Funding Guidelines

The following guidelines for the allocation of funds have been established (consult the Department Director of Student Affairs for possible changes):

  • Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) and Teaching Assistant (TA) Responsibilities: The work required for TAs and GSRs vary with each assignment. No student is allowed to work more than an average of 20 hours per week during the regular academic year (October 1-June 30). TA's are expected to take their responsibilities seriously. Poor teaching evaluation ratings will jeopardize future Department TA/Reader assignments and possible loss of overall financial aid.
  • Outside Jobs: Fellowship holders are generally prohibited from holding outside jobs. Although the Department does not prohibit outside jobs for GSRs and TAs, their assistantships may be withdrawn if their performance as teaching or research assistants is compromised.
  • Course Load: The University requires international students and recipients of most types of aid to carry a full course load, defined as 12 or more quarter units.
  • Language Assistantships: International students whose native language is French, German or Spanish may consider applying for language TAships. These positions are offered by the Department of History and Department of Linguistics.
  • Student Loans: A limited number of loans are available to U.S. Citizens and Permanent U.S. Residents. This type of financial aid is administered by the University’s Financial Aid Office.
  • Summer Funding: Summer funding is not guaranteed. Department Research Fellowships (first through third years) and TA positions are available (each of the first five summers), contingent on department funding.