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PhD Student Funding

  • Most PhD programs come with full funding which includes paying your tuition, providing benefits such as health insurance, and giving you a small stipend.  In return, you will typically be asked to be a Teaching Assistant or —and these are highly prized—a Research Assistant for a professor.
  • Even though you are likely to be fully funded, consider applying for NSF’s Graduate Research Fellowship.
    • This application is due well before the graduate school application cycle.  NSF grants are extremely competitive but the benefits are large if selected.  First, having an NSF grant is a great signal to admissions committees.  Second, the funding is often more generous than you would otherwise obtain. Finally, an NSF grant will reduce your teaching requirements during graduate school
  • If you are accepted to multiple PhD programs, you should consider asking for some additional resources from your top choice.  Please talk to your letter writers about this option first.