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Alumni Research

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Davide Viviano Synthetic Learner: Model-free inference on treatments over time Journal of Econometrics – September 2022, with Jelena Bradic

Davide Viviano Fair Policy Targeting Journal of the American Statistical Association – June 2022, with Jelena Bradic

Paul Feldman Revealing a preference for mixtures: An experimental study of risk Quantitative Economics – May 2022, with John Rehbeck

Asad Dossani Central bank tone and currency risk premia Journal of International Money and Finance – October 2021

Desmond Ang The Effects of Police Violence on Inner-City Students The Quarterly Journal of Economics – February 2021

Xiaxin Wang Understanding the elasticity of taxable income: A tale of two approaches Journal of Public Economics – January 2021, with Daixin He and Langchuan Peng

Xiaxin Wang The Impacts of the U.S. Trade War on Chinese Exporters Review of Economics and Statistics – 2021, with Yang Jiao, Zhikuo Liu, and Zhiwei Tian

Asad Dossani Uncertainty and energy extraction Applied Economics – June 2020

Erin Giffin Risk Preferences and Incentives for Evidence Acquisition and Disclosure The Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization – March 2020, with Erik Lillethun

Asad Dossani Direct Versus Iterated Multiperiod Volatility Forecasts Annual Review of Financial Economics – December 2019, with Eric Ghysels, Alberto Plazzi, Rossen Valkanov, Antonio Rubia

Zhenting Sun Improved Nonparametric Bootstrap Tests of Lorenz Dominance Journal of Business and Economic Statistics – August 2019

Desmond Ang Do 40-Year-Old Facts Still Matter? Long-Run Effects of Federal Oversight under the Voting Rights Act American Economic Journal: Applied Economics – July 2019

Xiaxin Wang How Do Minimum Wage Adjustments Affect Wages in China? Evidence Based on Administrative Personal Income Tax Data Contemporary Economic Policy – November 2018, with Daixin He and Langchuan Peng

 Asad Dossani Option augmented density forecasts of market returns with monotone pricing kernel Quantitative Finance – 2018, with Brendan K. Beare


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