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Job Market Candidates

Thank you for visiting the Department of Economics job market website. 

Our 2021-22 placement director is Professor Joel Sobel ( Professor Sobel is the primary contact for prospective employers who have questions about a candidate's vitae, experience or research fields. Employers may also contact the students and their advisors directly. Each candidate's personal website contains contact information, vitae, and research and teaching materials. Should you need any further assistance or information, please feel free to contact our placement assistants at


2021-22 Candidates:

  • Alyssa Brown

    Alyssa Brown

    Title: Economist 

    Employer: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

    Field of Research: Public Finance; Labor Economics


  • Yuchang Chen

    Yuchang Chen

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Employer: National Taiwan University (Economics)

    Field of Research: Econometrics

  • Anastasiia Faikina

    Anastasiia Faikina

    Title: Economist

    Employer: Convoy

    Field of Research:  Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics, Political Economy

  • Paul Feldman

    Paul Feldman

    Title: Assistant Professor (Department of Agricultural Economics)

    Employer: Texas A&M University

    Field of Research: Behavioral Economics; Microeconomics

  • Zhiyun Jiang

    Title: Associate

    Employer: JP Morgan Chase and Company

    Field of Research:  Environmental and Natural Resource Economics; Urban and Regional Economics

  • Arushi Kaushik

    Arushi Kaushik

    Title: Economist

    Employer: Amazon

    Field of Research: Development Economics and Public Economics; Labor Economics

  • Arman Khachiyan

    Arman Khachiyan

    Title: Assistant Professor (Economics)

    Employer: University of San Francisco

    Field of Research: Labor; Urban, Spatial, Environmental

  • Youngju Lee

    Youngju Lee

    Title: Causal Inference Applied Scientist


    Field of Research: Public Economics, Labor Economics; Environmental Economics, Applied Microeconomics

  • Aleksandr (Sasha) Levkun

    Aleksandr (Sasha) Levkun

    Title: CERGE-EI Postdoctoral Associate

    Employer: CERGE-EI

    Field of Research: Microeconomic Theory, Information Economics; Political Economy

  • Jacob Orchard

    Jacob Orchard

    Title: Economist

    Employer: Federal Reserve Board of Governors

    Field of Research: Macroeconomics

  • Jackson Somers

    Jackson Somers

    Title: Assistant Professor (Agriculture and Resource Economics)

    Employer: University of Connecticut, Storrs

    Field of Research: Environmental Economics; Behavioral Economics

  • Pietro Emilio Spini

    Pietro Emilio Spini

    Title: Assistant Professor (Economics)

    Employer: University of Bristol

    Field of Research:  Econometrics; Public Economics

  • Mitchell VanVuren

    Mitchell VanVuren

    Title: Postdoctoral Associate (Y-RISE at the MacMillan Center)

    Employer: Yale University

    Field of Research: Macroeconomics, Growth and Development, Healthcare; Computation

  • Davide Viviano

    Davide Viviano

    Title: Assistant Professor (Economics)/Postdoctoral Associate

    Employer: Harvard University/Stanford University (2022-2023)

    Field of Research: Econometrics; Development Economics

  • Jianan Yang

    Jianan Yang

    Title: Assistant Professor (Institute of Global Health)/Postdoctoral Associate

    Employer: Peking University/Stanford Freeman Spogli Institute (2022-2023)

    Field of Research: Development Economics; Health Economics

  • Linyan Zhu

    Linyan Zhu

    Title: Assistant Professor (Finance)

    Employer: London School of Economics

    Field of Research: Macroeconomics; Finance