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Honors Program

The Department of Economics offers graduation with honors in all three departmental majors.

Honors classes offer our top students the opportunity to work closely with our preeminent faculty members on advanced topics. Honors classes not only provide students with advanced training, but they also allow students to develop meaningful relationships with the faculty (which is very helpful when looking for letters of recommendation).

COVID-19 Response for SP20 only - P/NP does not apply to Honors courses

HONORS:  P/NP option for SP20 does not apply. Students pursuing honors must take the additional courses needed, beyond the major requirements, for a LETTER GRADE to be eligible for Distinction or Highest Distinction (additional advanced electives, and one-unit Honors courses).  All Upper-Division Major GPA requirements for Honors remain as posted for each major. See major requirements checklists on this site for details.


Economics Major

  • For a B.A. in Economics with Distinction or Highest Distinction (PDF)

Management Science Major

  • For a B.S. in Management Science with Distinction or Highest Distinction (PDF)

Joint Mathematics-Economics Major

  • For a B.S. in Mathematics and Economics with Distinction, High Distinction, or Highest Distinction (PDF)