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The Department of Economics offers three minors, Economics, Management Science, and Business Economics (Effective FA21).


  • Courses for our minors can be taken pass/no pass.
  • If courses are taken for a letter grade, passing is considered a "C-" or better.
  • Lower-division classes can apply to both your major and your minor.
  • Two upper-division courses (maximum of 8 units) can apply to both your major and your minor.
  • Upper-division courses cannot apply to the requirements of more than one minor.
  • Minors are open to all students, except those with the following majors: Economics (EN25), Management Science (EN26), Joint Mathematics-Economics (EN28, MA33), International Studies-Economics (IS26) and Business Economics (EN30).

To declare a minor, please see Triton Link.

Minor Requirements

Economics Minor

Course requirements for EN25 (PDF)

Business Economics Minor (Effective FA21)

Course requirements for the NEW Business Economics Minor (PDF)

Management Science Minor (Discontinued as of WI22)

Students who have already declared the minor will be able to complete it, however it is no longer available to declare on Tritonlink.

Course requirements for EN26 (PDF)

Minors Complementary to our Majors:


Visit the UC San Diego Rady School of Management

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

Visit the CSE Minor page


Visit the Mathematics Minor page