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Double Majors


Double Major Instructions for the Department of Economics

Complete all sections of the form

Be sure to:

* Indicate Original form or Revised form (if you previously have submitted form, and are updating it)
* Use your UCSD email address
* Indicate both name and major code for each major
*Sign and Date the form

Primary/First and Second Major

Your primary major (your current major) is always listed first (on the left side of the petition).
Submit the Double Major form to your Primary Major first to begin the review process and obtain signature.

Note: Primary/First major must sign the form, first, or form will not be accepted.

Listing courses on the form

*Numbered lines are provided for major courses
*Upper division courses, one per line.
*Lower division courses, one sequence per line

1) Econ 1, 3 (on one line); 2) Math 20A, 20B, 20C (on one line).
1. Econ 100A
2. Econ 100B
3. Econ 100C
Do not list 100ABC on one line

If you do not yet know the Econ UD Electives or Advanced Electives for your major, list “UD Elective” or “Advanced Elective”

Only list the number of classes that are required for the major, don’t include extra classes you have taken or classes you want to take above the required number of courses. 

All courses listed must be 4 unit courses.

Overlapping Courses and Courses Unique to each major

If you have overlapping courses (used for both majors), they get listed in the overlap section of the DM petition, not on either side for the individual majors (only in overlap area).  The courses must be specific course numbers, you can’t just list “Econ Elective” in the overlap area.

At least ten (10) courses must be unique to each major.

If there are no overlapping courses between the Double Majors, be sure to list all courses needed for each major (Core and Elective courses)

Other documents to be submitted with Double Major Form

Complete and submit the following forms with the Double Major forms in order to be reviewed by both Departments, and your College for Time to Degree purposes:

*Academic Planning Worksheet (APW)
*Statement of Purpose


Be sure to sign and date the DM petition. 

Once the Double Major form is complete, submit it to your Primary Major for review and signature.

If your primary major is the Department of Economics, or after your Primary Major has signed the petition, scan the paperwork to us in PDF format, to

Processing at each Department may take up to ten (10) business days.

After both Departments have reviewed and signed the Double Major petition, it must be submitted to your College for final review and signature.

Example DM petitions:

Double Major Example  (PDF)

Double Major Example (PDF)