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Introduction to Non-Market Valuation
(ECON 198, 2-Units, P/NP only)

This class is for students that are interested in environmental and resource allocation and/or cost benefit analysis. We will examine the theory and methods for estimating the economic value of non-market resources through hands-on applications using real-world and simulated data. 

  • Role of Non-Market Valuation
  • Environmental Valuation Theory
  • Private Public Goods (Clean water)
  • Welfare Measures (Compensating and Equivalent Variation)
  • Cost Benefit Analysis and Valuation
  • Ecosystem Management (Sustainability)
  • Non-use value (Endangered Species)
  • Environmental Policy and Valuation
  • Damage Assessments (Oils Spills)
  • Stated Preference  and Market Based Methods of Valuation

PLEASE NOTE: Students can petition to combine 173AL and 198 (or a 2 unit 199) for a standard UD major elective.

Econ 198 topics cannot be repeated for credit. As ECON 198 (SP15) is the same topic as was offered in SP14, students cannot enroll and repeat this class.

ECON 198 Prerequisites

Upper-Division standing and Department approval is required.

Request Department approval via the VAC if you have completed at least one of the following courses:

  • ECON 100C - Microeconomics C
  • ECON 131 - Economics of the Environment
  • ECON 132 - Energy Economics
  • ECON 145 -  Economics of Ocean Resources

If you have not completed any of the above courses, your request for Department approval will be forwarded to the instructor for review.

In all cases, you will be notified of your authorization status via the VAC.

Schedule for SP15

This course will meet on an alternative schedule of Mondays and Fridays from 10:00-11:20am as follows:

  • Fri 4/3
  • Mon 4/6
  • Fri 4/17
  • Mon 4/20
  • Fri 5/1
  • Mon 5/4
  • Fri 5/15
  • Mon 5/18
  • Fri 5/29
  • Mon 6/1